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Agents opportunity before June 30

The Government’s recent superannuation changes could be a good discussion point when talking to potential property downsizers who are thinking about selling.

Those clients have until 30 June, 2017 to take advantage of the existing tax incentives in superannuation, involving the $180,000 p.a. non-concessional contributions or $540,000 using the ‘bring-forward rule’, meaning that they will be able to deposit all of the next 3 years’ contributions in the current year.

From 1 July 2017 the non-concessional contribution limits will reduce to $100,000 p.a. or $300,000 using the bring-forward rule.

Individuals aged 65 to 74 will need to meet the “work test” which requires them to have worked for 40 hours over 30 consecutive days in the financial year.


Opportunity for Real Estate Agents to List before 30 June 2017

Let’s say you have a couple who are thinking of selling.

They are thinking of selling because they are approaching retirement and the majority of their wealth is tied up in their house.

If they were to sell today they can each contribute $540,000 allowing them to get $1,080,000 into Super which is the most tax effective environment in which they can invest.

If they delay until after 1 July 2017 they can only get $300,000 each into super.

So $1,080,000 vs $600,000

While everyone’s situation is going to be different, even just having this discussion with potential vendors is going to position you as an expert and differentiate you from other agents in town.


Please get in contact if you have anyone interested and would like to know more, or if you would like further clarification about the opportunity.