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Invest Blue is passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams by providing quality, tailored financial advice.

Belief 1: Defining your best possible life

We believe that understanding your vision for your best possible life with a clear definition of your goals and tolerance to risk is the first step in building your Wealth Management strategy.

The first step to building an appropriate Wealth Management strategy for you is to clearly articulate what is most important to you and what you want to achieve. When we understand the underlying values behind your goals, we can be more confident in defining both your tolerance for risk and the need for risk-taking. 

Your appetite for risk is a combination of your personal preferences, objectives and the timeframe you have to achieve your goals. Once we have determined your appropriate level of risk, our objective is to build a Wealth Management strategy for you that maximises return within that level of risk, in a manner that provides increased consistency throughout the market cycle.  

Role of your adviser – defining your best possible life 

The role of the adviser in this step is to work with you to define your vision for your best possible life, based on your goals and objectives as well as affordability, working with you to understand the trade-offs required to help you prioritise what’s important to you.  

Additionally, your adviser will provide and guide you through a series of questions and trade-off discussions to understand your tolerance to risk and help you set your risk and return objectives.


What’s your philosophy?

You know exactly what you want to achieve. You don’t require an adviser to assist in prioritising your goals and putting in a place a wealth management strategy to achieve your goals and dreams. You would like to work with an adviser to help define your best possible life and implement a wealth management strategy to achieve your goals and dreams.


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