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Bryan and Tamsin Wells Family - Invest Blue

Coming on board as clients of Regina “Reggie” Taarnby in mid-2016 has already made the world of difference to the finances of Bryan Wells and Tamsin McBeth-Wells.

They’re no longer concerned about paying the next utilities bill and are even off to a wedding in New Zealand later in the year – a trip they say was unthinkable a year ago. Best of all, this couple are on track to reach their ultimate goal; moving from the Central Queensland town of Blackwater to a farm of their own with plenty of space for their family and horses. As their deposit grows, it’s a dream they hope to realise within two years. No wonder Bryan readily hands out Reggie’s business card!

Tamsin (37) and Bryan (39) were frustrated. As a Dragline Supervisor at a nearby coal mine, Bryan earnt a great wage. Add in Tamsin’s income as a Teacher’s Aid and they shouldn’t have been scratching their heads wondering where all their money went. Sure, there are four children to consider- three at school and their eldest at university with housing expenses for them to cover but Bryan and Tamsin never seemed to get ahead. And then they met Reggie….

Tamsin’s parents are long-term clients of Invest Blue in Gladstone and encouraged their daughter and son-in-law to make contact. And so, in May last year, Tamsin made the six-hour round trip (Bryan was working) to Gladstone. Tamsin describes sitting across from the “very bubbly and excited Regina who was practically bouncing out of her chair with enthusiasm about the ways in which she could help us.”

Wells kids

Tamsin welcomed Reggie’s guidance and loved that she was so keen to get stuck into their money matters.

Finances were consolidated; several bank accounts were reduced to two and Reggie restructured their superannuation, among other things. After more than a decade in the mining industry, Bryan had accumulated a lot of super and is delighted that, with Regina’s help, they’ve now taken a smarter approach, with their superannuation working better for them.

These days, the couple are also more in tune with their spending, especially with Reggie able to access one of their bank accounts. Tamsin describes this accountability as ‘helping us to keep losing the weight’. Tamsin sites the example of improved spending during the somewhat regular trips from Blackwater to Emerald to visit various department stores – weekends that previously made a nasty dent to the hip pocket.

Tamsin and Bryan say they’ve never looked back and in Reggie’s words, the couple are simply ‘smashing it’. Their retirement egg nest is structured correctly, a savings nest egg is growing for their deposit on a property, personal insurances are in place and they have a greater awareness about what’s happening with their money.

It may only be a recent connection but this planner/client dynamic is working beautifully for everyone involved. Tamsin describes Reggie as ‘an engaging straight-shooter’ who they’ve really enjoyed dealing with. And only a matter of months since their first meeting at Invest Blue with their wonderfully enthusiastic financial planner, Bryan and Tamsin’s finances are in good shape. Their number one reason for seeking financial help, having those acres all to themselves, is now within reach.

group of polocrosse players riding on their horses

So here’s hoping that soon, Tamsin and Bryan’s names will be there in black and white on ownership papers of a great rural property, not far from Blackwater. And somewhere on that turf, be it 20 acres or 100, you may well find them playing the action-packed sport they both love, Polocrosse. In the heat of ‘CQ’ and amidst the dust thrown up by horses’ hooves, these two will be doing more of what they’re currently thriving at – shooting some remarkable goals…


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