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Finance policy changes

We bring latest changes from ANZ, Macquarie & ING with regards to lending policy.


Have announced the allowable asset age for new or used goods across their Commercial Express, Replacement, Refinance and Professional policies has been changed from 4 years old to up to 10 years at the end of contract term. Under Commercial express The deposit requirement for non-property owners has decreased from 30% to 20% plus Private sales are now allowed for property owners only.


Effective Friday 3rd November 2017, ANZ will increase the special offer discount available to eligible customers on the advertised Simplicity PLUS interest rate for owner occupiers paying principal and interest to 0.56% p.a. Based on current interest rates, the new rate for ANZ Simplicity PLUS Home Loans for owner occupiers paying principal and interest will be 3.99% p.a., which is the Simplicity PLUS Home Loan Rate of 4.55% p.a.* less the special interest rate discount of 0.56% p.a.


Will no longer offer new residential loans to non-individual borrowers (e.g. trust and companies) effective immediately. Loan applications already submitted will be processed as normal. ING will also allow loan variations on existing loans to non-individual borrowers.