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Not All Debt Is Bad!

This short video explains how you may use debt to create wealth.

Transition To Retirement

A short video that explains what a Transition to Retirement strategy is, and who can benefit from putting one in place.

Deeming Rate Changes – What You Need To Know…

This video provides a snapshot of the deeming rate changes that are due to come into effect from January 1 2015.

Ways To Grow Your Super

As everyone is different and experience changing circumstances, there are many different ways in which you can grow your super so you have a larger retirement nest egg. This video by AMP talks about 5 simple ways that you can help to grow your own super and have more to enjoy in retirement (2:38).

Ways Your Super Can Save You Tax

Superannuation is a tax structure designed for long term investing. It can reduce the amount of tax you pay regardless of the type of investment you choose. Watch this video from AMP to learn about some of the tax benefits of superannuation (2:30).

Building For Retirement

This video produced by AMP explains the “Building for retirement” strategy and how it chould help you get the most of of your super (3:12).

How Much Super Is Enough?

This video, produced by AMP gives you a good rule of thumb for using when working out how much you will need in retirement (2:35).

Insurance Basics

This video produced by AMP covers the 4 main types of insurance and how they can help protect you and your family in times of trouble (2:47).

What Is Superannuation

This 3 minute video produced by AMP explains what super is and how it can help you save for your retirement.