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Budgeting & Goal Setting

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  • Money mindsets

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How to get back on track with your finances

Is now the time to get back on track with your finances and start achieving your dreams and goals?

Let's get back on track! Are you feeling off track or disorganised with your goals and plans for the future? We want to help you at whatever stage you’re at, whether you are just starting your career, or well on the way to your retirement, it is never too early to think about what... view article
July 7th 2022

Understanding & Setting Goals

Goal setting & why it pays off

At Invest Blue, we are passionate about helping people achieve their best possible lives. In order to do this, we work to understand what is most important to you and help you to set and plan your goals. Goal setting is certainly not a new concept. We have all heard about the importance of having... view article
June 15th 2022

The connection between financial health & physical well-being

Are you a goal setter? For many of us our goals often come back to physical or financial health, but did you know the two are connected?

Most of us probably have a good sense of what it takes to improve our physical health and of course, there is a whole manner of approaches. We may be driven by competing in a big sporting event, investing in a gym membership, committing to weekly exercise with friends, becoming better informed about our... view article
April 13th 2022

new year, new financial goals

Four steps to kicking goals over the next 12 months

The new year is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to set some solid financial goals. We recommend setting small realistic goals that will help you work toward your larger goals. When addressing those big goals such as buying a house, retiring 10 years earlier or even going on a month-long Europe trip.... view article
December 20th 2021

Reaching your dreams and goals in 2022

When it comes to goals for the next 12 months, the FPA survey found people were split between hitting a savings goal (52 per cent) and going on holiday (44 per cent) as their top priority.

After a difficult year of COVID disruptions and uncertainty, the summer holidays can’t come quickly enough. It’s a chance to refresh and reflect on the year that was and hopefully set some goals for the year ahead. Yet this year more than most, many of us may feel that our personal and financial priorities have... view article
December 17th 2021

Give your finances a shake out

Like trees losing their leaves in autumn, why not take a leaf out of their book and choose this time of year to shed some of your own financial baggage.

In the style of Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising whizz who has inspired millions to clean out their cupboards, decluttering your finances can bring many benefits. While you work through all your contracts, investments and commitments, you will no doubt discover many that no longer fit your lifestyle or are simply costing you in unnecessary... view article
March 18th 2021

The financial resolutions that nobody keeps – and how to do them right

Making a list of resolutions is easy enough - it's the implementing it that's hard

"I'm going to start going to the gym." "I'm going to read War and Peace." "I'm going to call my mother more." Most of us make resolutions that we can't stick to. In fact, Finder research from last year showed that 58 per cent of us broke our resolutions. The thing is, a lot these pledges could... view article
December 28th 2020

Expenses to Consider When Moving Out of Home

Moving out of home for the first time is a huge milestone in life. Finding a sense of freedom and independence is an exciting time however like any milestone, it is one you should prepare and plan for financially.

Costs to consider when moving out The one-off expenses that are top of mind are not the only ones that you will incur when you move out of the home. Those who start living away from home for the first time may also find a flurry of other unanticipated expenses, especially during the first few... view article
November 18th 2020

How to manage money with friends and partners

Is your friend circle sending you broke? How can you prioritise reaching your financial goals without sacrificing your social life? How should you split expenses with your partner? Does it feel like you are always the one who ends up paying more? What if your partner is on a much higher salary?

Managing your money on your own can be a challenge for even the most financially savvy of us, let alone when you start sharing expenses with a partner or your friend circle isn’t on the same page as you financially. Managing these situations is an inevitable part of life but making sure you are... view article
July 29th 2020

How to successfully create & implement financial change

We all have dreams and goals and the good intentions of one day achieving them. However, the steps towards reaching your goals take time, sacrifice and a plan that can work around unexpected changes in your circumstances. This is where many get derailed.

There are many reasons you may decide now is the time to make a positive financial change in your life. You may want to find financial security and eliminate financial stress, or perhaps you want to start planning your retirement options seriously. However, people will resist change for just as many reasons as they... view article
June 1st 2020

Simple guide to budgeting

Don't let the fear of the unknown stress you out. Build a budget and get clear on where you stand.

One of the greatest sources of money stress is uncertainty. Not knowing where you stand financially can be a source of anxiety. By understanding what you spend now, you can provide yourself with some clarity. You are then able to make informed decisions about what needs to happen next. The basics of budgeting Budgets are made... view article
March 30th 2020

Financial Security Tops List as Number One Life Goal

New research by Credit Card Compare has revealed that Financial Security tops the list as the number one life goal for Australians! The revelation is astonishing as financial security has left behind the other potential contenders, including homeownership, being successful at work, and starting a family.

  According to the research, 77% of the Australians consider financial security as their top life goal as compared to 49% placing owning a house as the top life goal and 37% with having a family as the top priority in their life.   Understand how a financial adviser can support you with your need for financial... view article
March 4th 2020

10 week money bounce back challenge

Summer can be a time when our money habits slip, perhaps Christmas or a Holiday have blown the budget. Join us in getting back in shape, financially.

READY FOR A FINANCIAL BOUNCE BACK? Saving isn’t always easy, but it is essential in reaching long term financial goals such as buying a house or preparing for retirement. Whether you went a bit silly over the festive season or are simply lacking some motivation and ready to start prioritising your financial health again, this... view article
January 24th 2020

Why a Money Buddy could help you achieve your 2020 savings goals.

Ever noticed it’s a lot easier to turn up to the gym if you have a friend joining you? So why not do the same for your finances? Introducing the Money Buddy! A Money Buddy could be the accountability you need to stay focused on your goals and actually achieve them.

If you’re serious about sticking to your budget and achieving your 2020 financial goals finding a reliable and trustworthy friend to act as your Money Buddy and join you on your financial journey could be the thing that makes 2020 the year you reach your goals and improve your financial health. But how do... view article
January 10th 2020

Should you live for today or save for the future? Take the angst out of everyday spending.

Are you living in the moment and spending for today? Do you have a financial plan? If you’re worried that the coffee you’re buying is not meeting your long-term needs, it might be time to update your game plan. Financial advice can help and here’s how.

Do you feel guilty when you buy a cup of coffee, thinking you could have been well on the way to making your first million if you only didn’t like caffeine so much? Does the health of your financial plan tick away in your mind? Do you struggle to find the balance between living... view article
December 19th 2019

A better way to treat yourself: Spending money on time

Managing your money doesn't just mean scrimping and saving - it's about finding balance and choosing to spend or save in a way that sparks joy in your life.

  There's no shame in treating yourself to something nice when you have a sudden windfall of cash - but there could be smarter ways to achieve this. While a spa day or a fresh wardrobe feels great at the moment and maybe even for a while afterwards, there's a lot to consider when you start... view article
June 7th 2019

How to improve your financial health

Are you worried about your financial health? With a bit of tender loving care, and a few other tricks, you can improve your financial well-being.

  One in five employees in Australia are stressed about their finances, according to AMP's 2018 Financial Wellness report. Additionally, many people find that their personal wellbeing suffers due to the state of their money, as worry and stress often result in issues such as poor sleep. Your relationship with money is give-and-take. In order for... view article
May 15th 2019

6 steps to get your money stuff together

You’ll be surprised at what difference a few really basic steps can make to your personal finances. A phone call here, an online form there…and before you know it, you’ll be well on the way to getting your money stuff together this year and beyond.

  If you’re like three out of four Australians, you may have started the year without a proper budget. Research indicates that over a third of us believe budgeting is too much effort and almost one in five Aussies say budgeting takes too much time. Here are some easy wins to keep you on the right track... view article
May 13th 2019

Savings and budgeting tips to improve your relationship with money

Is money making you smile? These budgeting tips will help you improve your relationship with money.

Are you a real scrimper, constantly denying yourself great opportunities in the name of saving money? Or do you prefer to ignore your bank balance and just spend until you can't anymore? Your relationship with money determines how you spend, save and ultimately live. Whether you fear it, enjoy it or love to hate money, you... view article
May 9th 2019

Tainted Love: Impulse shopping and your wallet

How is impulse buying impacting people? Why do we impulse shop? How can you kick the impulse shopping habit?

You deserve a "Treat Yo' Self" day every now and then. Having flexibility in your budget to allow for special thrills might be an important part of your relationship with money. But what happens when flexibility becomes reliability? It's difficult to achieve savings goals and feel positive about your money when you let impulsive purchases... view article
May 8th 2019

How to adult—a quick guide to personal finances in your 20’s

Getting to grips with debt, budget and cash flow

[caption id="attachment_11396" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Getting to grips with debt, budget and cash flow[/caption] It’s a pity there’s no handy ‘How to’ book to teach you about adult life, especially when it comes to finances. It’s something that you need to learn on the job.   To make the task easier, here’s a breakdown of the three trickiest... view article
May 3rd 2019

Avoiding the pitfalls of psychology and money

Clearly, we shouldn’t go solo when it comes to steering our financial ship. So, if we can’t go alone, what should we do?

Saving ourselves, from ourselves – preventing the psychology behind money getting in the way of our best possible lives. Understand how your decisions and actions today may affect your financial security tomorrow. Get in touch. [ninja_form id=37]   Last month we discussed the Psychology of Money. Clearly, we shouldn’t go solo when it comes to steering our financial... view article
March 18th 2019

Does your future feel bigger than your past?

When you think of the future and the past, which brings you the most joy? Does what awaits holds more than the past? While we certainly hope you've enjoyed your life to date, we also hope the future has a lot in store for you too!

Take a moment to consider something. When you think of your past and your future, which brings you the most joy?  If you're drawn down memory lane more than the unexplored territory of what's to come, it might be time to rethink your future. At Invest Blue, we believe that it's important that your future... view article
February 25th 2019

The Psychology of Money

We all make silly decisions with our own money. Think you are an exception?

Everyone is dumb with their own money. Trust me, it’s true. Each of us is. No matter how smart. No matter how financially adept. No matter the experience. We all make silly decisions with our own money. Think you are an exception? Have you ever been excited by an opportunity and jumped in before... view article
February 13th 2019

5 surprising ways to save money

Starting a fresh year with a fresh approach

We’ve all heard the basic tips like, forgo your daily coffee and you can save more than $1000! Or pack your lunch. Buy in bulk. Take a stay-cation. Earn more. All good ideas. But as we look ahead, are there any new ideas out there? Is there another way to look at our money-in... view article
January 10th 2019

the post-Christmas money hangover

How to handle and avoid post-Christmas spending blues

For some out there who are organised, Christmas is executed according to a well-laid plan. There are lists and budgets set within known limits. There are creative approaches to giving and sharing without breaking the bank. And come to the New Year, their bank balances are sitting exactly where they are meant to be... view article
January 9th 2019

What are the 3 biggest living expenses for households?

We check out the three largest contributors to household spending in Australia and where people would source additional cash if living expenses rose.

If you worked a full-time job in Australia in 1975, the average amount you would’ve earned a year was about $7,600, whereas today, that figure would be closer to $72,000, according to research by McCrindle.i That’s welcome news, but while we’re earning more than what we did in 1975, things are also costing us more.... view article
November 22nd 2018

Side hustles

Why, how, and are they worth it?

The Australian gig economy is thriving. According to Upwork, almost a third of Australian workers engaged in freelance work in 2015 - and that number is only growing. Side gigs, second jobs and freelancing are some of many ways to make a little extra money using the time and resources already available to you. But... view article
November 13th 2018

Paint Your Future

What does your ideal life look like?

One of the common misconceptions people have about financial planning is that they need to know exactly what they want their future to look like. No one knows that! Even if they do, they can’t predict what will happen around them or to them in the years ahead. So, if financial planning isn’t about... view article
October 24th 2018

6 haunting money mistakes to avoid in your late 20’s

This Halloween, consider how your spending today might impact your future.

The spooky season of spending is upon us. As the holidays draw ever closer, the horrors of high price tags and higher debts lurk just around the corner. This is the time of the year we need to be thinking about what we're doing with our money. Consider how you handle your money now and... view article
October 17th 2018

Do you love to hate money?

There’s nothing wrong with hating money… until it affects what you love.

There's nothing weird about hating money. It doesn't take a genius to see how money can have negative far-reaching impacts across the world. Poverty, physical health and mental wellbeing are all intrinsically connected to money in some way or another. The power that money holds over the course of our lives is enormous - so... view article
September 13th 2018

Have you lost your money mojo?

Take a moment to think about your habits

Maybe you drink no fewer than three coffees a day, or perhaps you make regular trips to yoga classes. Habits have the power to build up over time and create momentum - a mojo that carries you toward success. When this happens, the many pieces of your life tend to come together naturally to... view article
August 30th 2018

Why is goal setting, and achieving, so hard?

Identifying your most important goals and then nailing them is very hard work. Why do some seem to be able to achieve their goals, while others struggle?

For some, identifying a goal and setting out to achieve it is a black and white kind of thing. They know exactly what they want and can describe it in detail. They can build a plan to get from A to B. And they start taking steps in the right direction. Good for them!... view article
August 3rd 2018

How to talk about money

If it's OK to talk about money, how should you go about it?

We recently discussed the idea of when it’s ok to talk about money. Often, we find ourselves holding back from the conversation around money, afraid that when someone has knowledge of our financial situation they will make a judgement of our success. We’ve already discussed the fact that we have nothing to lose by talking... view article
July 13th 2018

Are you using your spare cash in the best way?

Are you spending your discretionary cash in a way that makes you happy?

Working to a budget, you'll have a certain amount of money left over once you've paid your fixed expenses. Do you have a plan for how you'll use this money, or are you spending it on the fly? Spending money on things you can enjoy in the moment, of course, makes you at least fleetingly... view article
May 14th 2018

Are your fixed expenses really non-negotiable?

Learn how you can trim the unnecessary fat from your budget.

Finance is a constant thing - it's important to update your budget as circumstances change, whether that's a result of a career shift, a raise or new expenses. Each time you update your financial plan, it's easy to overlook expenses you consider to be "fixed". You might think of these as non-negotiable, but is there... view article
April 27th 2018

The Great Australian Dream

Six traits of Australians living the dream

Almost one in four Australians (23%) believe they are definitely or mostly 'living the dream', according to recent research from the Financial Planning Association.i  Here are six traits that have helped them to achieve their dreams. 1. Strong personal habits Australians living the dream are family oriented, spending more quality time with their family during the... view article
March 20th 2018

Is FOMO your worst enemy?

Does the overwhelming fear of missing out make you stray from the budget?

You've been eyeing up a certain something online for a while now - maybe it's a nice pair of shoes or phone. It's just more than you can sensibly afford and you know you don't strictly need it, so you've been good and held off. But then you check on it again and see... view article
March 9th 2018

Your most important goals worksheet

What are your most important goals?

So often we are told that in order to live our best life, we need to set goals. But how are we supposed to set goals and prioritise when there are so many things that are so important to us? What’s most important to you is what’s most important to us. So, we’ve developed a... view article
February 22nd 2018

Am I keeping enough of my money?

Ensuring your super contributions and savings are enough for later.

  For a comfortable retirement, the Association of the Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) claims that a single person will need roughly $43,695 per year. For a standard retirement of 20 years, that means you'll need $873,900 in your super by the time you're 65. Does that sound likely, given your current super strategy? Managing money... view article
January 23rd 2018

How come my friends are buying homes but I’m not?

Don't be left out of the market... start your journey to homeownership today

So you've taken a look around and realise that all of your friends are married with children and about to drop the deposit on their first home. By this point, naysayers may have convinced you the Australian dream of homeownership has long slipped away from you. Fortunately, that's not the case. There are a number... view article
December 18th 2017

The Silly Season of Spending

Tis the season to be spending… don’t lose sight of what’s most important.

It's days until Christmas and unless we’ve been wonderful little elves ourselves, most of us have gifts still to purchase and are feeling overwhelmed by the spending yet to come. Our spending increases each year and when we looked at this in 2017, Aussies were expected to clock up $56 billion on credit cards alone... view article
November 29th 2017

Be the boss of your cash

Take control of your money and take control of your family’s future.

If, like many others, your life and money feel a bit like a juggling act - paying bills here and there… and “Uh oh, forgot about the council rates, guess that one’s going on the credit card”. You may be thinking that having some extra cash would solve a lot of your problems.  Well, often... view article
November 23rd 2017

What’s your ‘why’ that’s motivating your financial dreams?

The path to achieving your dreams is long and winding, but it's so much easier when you know exactly where you're going and why.

[caption id="attachment_5950" align="alignright" width="439"] Dreaming of fish or financial freedom - we all have hopes for the future.[/caption] Any which way you look at it, each and every one of us is a dreamer. Whether you like to walk the tightrope that is risk, or prefer solid ground with your finances, we're all motivated by... view article
November 10th 2017

Making more with the same

Using your current situation to save and invest for the future.

There’s plenty of ways you can make money from what you already have. A few examples include selling pre-loved items like furniture or clothes, using your knowledge to tutor, become an Uber driver or dog walker… and the list goes on and on. But what if I told you that you could use your home... view article
September 29th 2017

4 foolproof tips for clinching a pay rise

Wage growth is at record lows, so what are the best ways to get a raise in Australia? Here are our tips for clinching a pay rise in 2017.

Real income growth is slowing in Australia. The latest figures show wages increased just 1.9 per cent annually between June 2016 and June 2017 - the lowest since Australian Bureau of Statistics records began. This could affect your finances and planning for retirement, so maybe it's time to take matters into your own hands? Here... view article
September 11th 2017

Spring cleaning your finances

Spring is the perfect time to clean out and reorganise everything… including your finances!

Spring means different things to us all. Some associate springtime with flowers in bloom and all things fresh but for others it’s about hay fever and too many tissues! But we all know the meaning of a great spring clean. When it comes to that monster spring clean each year, we often dedicate time and... view article
September 6th 2017

love & money: what’s your money type?

Do opposites attract? Can opposites find balance?

The age old rule suggests that when it comes to love, opposites attract. But when it comes to achieving your financial goals and dreams, can different perspectives impact your journey? So, what are money 'types'? We've narrowed it down to eight different money 'types' that characterise the your perspectives on spending, saving, and investing: The... view article
April 18th 2017

Here’s what’s really holding you back from realising your wealth goals

What's your excuse for not achieving your wealth goals?

The latest MLC Wealth Survey has been released, and it highlights some of the main reasons people have for not making the most of their money. The reasons might be familiar to you, especially if you have been struggling to invest in your future or structure your financial planning. What is your biggest roadblock on... view article
January 31st 2017

Seven tips to travel on a budget

Careful planning can help you enjoy a great holiday, whatever your budget.

Does it feel like ages since your last holiday? Maybe with responsibilities like paying off your credit card, saving for your first home, or paying back your university fees, your next holiday still seems a long way off… Well, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to take a break without breaking the budget. 1. Go... view article
December 14th 2016