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Invest Blue is passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams by providing quality, tailored financial advice.

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Your Money

Budgeting for Christmas – our top tips

Don’t look to the festive season with financial uncertainty.

The connection between financial health and physical well-being

Are you a goal setter? For many of us our goals often come back to physical or financial health, but did you realise the two are connected?

Get ready for tax time

Are you claiming all the tax deductions you’re entitled to?

What’s your money type? 

What happens when you’re in a relationship with someone who has a completely different view when it comes to money?

Money Mindsets Whitepaper

This whitepaper examines three different money mindset theories to help you find your footing.


Your Future

Paint Your Future

Our interactive guide contains information and worksheets that will help you to understand where you’re at on your journey and how you want to live your life. It will help you to gather your thoughts about how you would like to spend your time and provide some clarity about your future.

Understanding goals

The importance of setting goals, how goals should be set and provides an example of the power of written goals.

Your Most Important Goals

Our interactive worksheet will help you to list, prioritise and start to plan and work towards your goals.

Choosing the right investment is not your biggest problem

We provide great insight into our investment philosophy and why we work so hard to understand our client’s core values.


Financial Planning

What is financial planning about?

Financial planning is much more than choosing products and funds. A financial plan defines your goals and what you need to do to achieve them. A financial plan helps you be well-organised, stay on track and helps you to achieve your plans and dreams.

The Myths of Financial Planning

After more than 60 years in the Industry, we have heard them all! Finding the right Financial Adviser and embarking on your own clear plan can be daunting – here are some facts.

What’s your biggest obstacle to financial success?

Science reveals how our human-hardwiring can get in the way and cost us much more than we think.

Benefits of advice

A financial plan helps you be well-organised, stay on track and helps you to achieve your plans and dreams.

How we provide advice

At Invest Blue, we can provide you with advice ranging from one particular goal or issue you need addressing, right up to a comprehensive, holistic financial plan. We aim to tailor our services to your needs and your budget.



Wealth Creation and Management

Fostering Futures – how to best financially support older children

Supporting your older children financially can be a great way for the whole family to get ahead. However, it’s important that your generosity doesn’t jeopardise your own long-term financial security. Our whitepaper looks at ways that you can give your children a helping hand and mistakes that you should avoid.


At Invest Blue we’re here to help you grow your wealth in ways that suit you.

Are you on track?

Whether you are just starting your career, or well on the way to your retirement, it is never too early to think about what lies ahead, and how you picture your recreation years once you decide to leave the workforce.

Making today count for more

When it comes to your goals, years later you’ll be glad you started today. And there could be benefits to topping up your super now. When you add a little more to your super from your before-tax pay, you could end up paying less tax.

Coming into an inheritance?

Knowing what to do with a lump sum of money, especially at what may be an emotional time, can be difficult. You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Managing lump sum payments

For most of us, a financial windfall isn’t something that comes around very often. And while the extra cash is welcome, money matters can be the last thing on your mind if you’re also dealing with the emotions of losing a loved one or being made redundant. Financial Planning can help provide some structure and support to help you make better financial decisions.


Loans and Banking

Loans & Banking

How Invest Blue can help with your loans and banking

How loans work

This fact sheet explains how loan repayments are calculated in relation to terms and repayment amounts.

What is an offset account?

This fact sheet explains the concept of offset accounts and how you can do more with the same amount of money you already have.

Fixed versus variable loans

This article provides an overview of the pros and cons of fixed and variable loans.

Car loan finance

We explain the different loan finance options available when purchasing a car for personal or business use.

Buying a work vehicle? What finance options are available?

If a new work vehicle is on the radar it is worth investigating the different vehicle finance options available.

Debt Recycling

This fact sheet, including a case study, explains debt recycling and the benefits and considerations of debt recycling.

6 ways to fund a renovation

Any renovation project, large or small, can be all-consuming in terms of your energy and money. Here are six loan types that can help you with the latter.

How much does it really cost to buy a property?

When buying a property, it’s important to understand the upfront and ongoing costs.

The secret to boosting your borrowing power.

There are factors that affect your home loan eligibility in Australia. Find out what to do to boost your borrowing power before you apply for a mortgage.

Should you be making mortgage overpayments?

Should you be making extra mortgage repayments? How can you pay your mortgage down quicker and is it really worth it?



Personal Insurance

The latest statistics reveal that 95 per cent of Australian families do not have adequate levels of insurance. Invest Blue has access to a large range of insurers and can tailor your level of cover, benefit period, payment option and other plan options to suit your own circumstances.

What is Trauma Insurance?

With one in two Australian men and one in three Australian women expected to be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 851, many families are learning first-hand how an illness can interrupt their lives. There are a few different ways to minimise the impact.

Wealth Protection

This fact sheet, including a case study, explains the importance of wealth protection / personal insurance and the different types of wealth protection available.

General Insurance – Are your assets protected?

This article outlines the types of general insurance available, how much insurance is enough and provides suggestions on how to avoid underinsurance on your home and contents.

How much is enough?

There are many factors affecting the level of insurance you need. Read on to review some questions you’ll need to answer to determine your requirements.



What is superannuation all about?

Your superannuation will help you unlock your retirement plans and dreams. At Invest Blue we’re here to help you understand it, know it, grow it and manage it, so when it comes time to access it, your retirement can be as rich as you want it to be.

What is MySuper?

MySuper is a simple default investment option for people who haven’t made an active choice about how their super is invested. You will have the choice to keep your super where it is, or to have it automatically rolled into MySuper; there are consequences if you do not make a decision.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Self Managed Super Funds already hold more investment assets than all the combined industry super funds or all the combined retail super funds. They therefore represent the largest of all the superannuation sectors. This article, provided by David Busoli of Cavendish Superannuation considers some of the reasons for their popularity.

2017 July 1 changes to Superannuation

See what you should be aware of and what the new laws could mean for your future goals.

Should I pay off my home loan with my super lump sum?

If you’re nearing retirement and keen to be debt free when you get there, you may be considering whether taking your super as a lump sum to pay off your home loan is a good decision.

Am I hitting the mark?

Take a look at these superannuation benchmarks to track your savings and how you can see how far along you are in your journey towards financial security.



Reaching work-life bliss before retirement

5 tips to help you wind down

Retirement Planning

Planning provides the comfort of knowing that your future is under control and that you can do all those things you’ve dreamed of for all those years.

Transition to retirement

This fact sheet explains how you can access your superannuation while you are still working (over 55s).

Changes to Age Pension assets test for 2017

The government’s changes to the Age Pension could affect your ability to plan for a comfortable retirement.

Making Sense of Allocated Pensions

If retirement is on the horizon, you’ve probably heard about an allocated pension as one of the income stream options available. We’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions about allocated pensions to help you navigate your way.

How downsizing can revitalize your retirement

As of the 1st of July 2018, new legislation allows Australian’s who wish to downsize to contribute a significant amount to their superannuation. Check out the details here.

Aged Care Conversation Worksheet

The Worksheet provides an outline for the different aspects you’ll need to cover, some leading questions to shape the conversation and tips to keep in mind when discussing.


Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

What is estate planning and why do I need estate planning?

Nominating beneficiaries for your super

The who, what and how of nominating beneficiaries for your super.

Power of Attorney

The two types of power of attorney and how they work.

What is a Testamentary Trust?

What is a testamentary trust and how does it work.

Why do I need a Will?

The why, who, what and how of Wills.