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Invest Blue is passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams by providing quality, tailored financial advice.

Our Investment Process

At Invest Blue, we use research provided by van Eyk to construct a client’s portfolio with investment funds that are considered the strongest of the funds available within their sectors.

How Van Eyk’s Research Is Implemented

Given the complex nature of the global financial marketplace, Invest Blue has enlisted van Eyk’s Asset Consulting team to provide guidance on constructing a blend of highly rated and complementary managers to achieve the tailored risk/return objectives of our clients. van Eyk adopts sophisticated modelling techniques to configure asset allocation across the underlying funds. This gives rise to range of portfolios which have been designed specifically for our clients.

asset allocation

Your Investment Objectives

Before making any financial decisions, we must determine the following:

1.   Your financial goals
2.   Your tolerance to risk
3.   Your time horizon

How you answer will determine which portfolio is best suited to helping you reach your goals.

Once your investment objectives are identified, van Eyk’s Asset Consulting team adopts a robust investment process encompassing in-depth economic and product research, portfolio construction and continuous monitoring. This process is complemented, crucially, by regular communication on the performance and strategic positioning of your investments.

Asset Allocation

At Invest Blue, we utilise van Eyk’s asset allocation guide to ensure that your portfolio contains the appropriate level of diversification and exposure to various markets and sectors (e.g. equities, fixed income, property, alternatives). We seek to maximise the long-term potential of your investments within a risk level you are comfortable with. The themes which van Eyk expects to characterise markets over the coming economic cycle include:

  • the continued deleveraging by households, corporations and governments in developed markets;
  • market volatility to increase and return towards its longer term level;
  • financial system instability, especially the continuing trend of bank mergers and consolidation.
  • increasing impact of emerging economies to global growth.

These long-term risk/return assumptions are reviewed on a regular basis. Shorter-term tilts may be necessary to take advantage of certain investment opportunities or to protect your investment when the markets are dire.

Portfolio Construction

With van Eyk’s input, we filter from a wide investment universe of actively monitored managed funds to provide you with a portfolio of what we consider to be the best of breed within each sector. This means the portfolio predominantly consists of funds rated “AA” or “A” by van Eyk (either highly recommended or recommended). van Eyk assesses each product on a forward-looking basis in three key areas: the fund manager’s investment process, the people who drive it and whether it is a well-run business. van Eyk also analyse fund managers’ performance to assess the risk and return profile of the various funds and whether risk has been rewarded with return. We also consider the funds researched and approved by AMP Research when providing recommendations. The blend of high quality managers are carefully selected to ensure your tailored portfolio is robust enough to perform consistently through an investment cycle, even on an after fees basis.


Circumstances can change and therefore we take a proactive approach  to  monitoring  your  investment  and  the  underlying funds. van Eyk’s research capabilities and their asset allocation approach means they are also proactive.

They rely on both valuation driven and fundamental macro-economic inputs. In a rapidly changing environment, this means that we can quickly adjust  your  portfolio  when  market  conditions  or  personnel changes at a particular manager necessitate.


We meet  regularly  with  van  Eyk’s  Asset  Consulting  team  to discuss a variety of issues, some of which include:

  • performance of your investment and underlying funds – are the funds performing as expected and true to label?
  • economic and investment outlook
  • portfolio  positioning  (asset  allocation  and  manager selection) given the above issues.

We also prepare regular updates to you on how your investment is  performing as well as  detailing any changes  made to the portfolio configuration.

For more information about tailored portfolios please contact us.