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Invest Blue is passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams by providing quality, tailored financial advice.

Keeping Up with the Market

At Invest Blue, we value our clients. By providing updates of the position of the financial market, we aim to keep you updated and informed about market activity that has the potential to affect your investments. When you work with a Financial Planner, we discuss your attitude towards risk and determine a strategy mix that balances your risk with your goals and circumstances. That means the financial strategy we recommend is designed to ride-out and take advantage of the opportunities that come with market volatility.

Keep an eye out on this section to remain up to date and aware of what could influence your journey to reaching your dreams.

January 2016

Although 2016 has only just begun, it has already been eventful for investors as the markets have been quite volatile. Shane Oliver is a well known economist and has explained why the markets are in a state of correction, and why you shouldn’t be too worried.

March 2016

Shares hitting bear market territory: the fear of fear itself or something more fundamental?

March 2016: Budget

Myths, rumours and innuendo: Federal Budget and Tax Reform. Asteron Life takes us through some of the possible moves in the upcoming budget.