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Client Story: a decade of direction

January 13, 2017  |  #Celebrate

... and a retirement that brings them much fulfilment

Erik and Margaret Dekkers of Manilla were struggling with a clear plan towards retirement. They had met with a few different advisers; but had not found one who seemed to understand their vision or provide a clear plan they felt comfortable with.

Fortunately, over a decade ago, the Dekkers became clients of Steve Sewell and 17 years on from Erik’s retirement, their money continues to grow. This financial peace of mind enables Erik and Marg to enjoy the things that bring them fulfilment – visiting family, helping others, gardening and for Erik, painting beautiful watercolours…


“Right from the start he recognised our aims and took that on board in the planning stage and with our first steps. Ten years on, it’s still a real partnership. Throughout our years with Steve, he has been the source of our confidence in our financial situation.”

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