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Client Story: Deeds Please

May 1, 2016  |  #Celebrate

Crossing paths and crossing off goals...

Ben has an outstanding knowledge of financial matters, backed up by the many letters after his name. His advice and guidance has been fantastic. He is a genuine person who really takes ownership in seeing his clients succeed.

Matt & Lynda, and their two children Jacob and Sara, are very community minded people. Matt servedĀ in the NSW Police Force for 28 years and being out in the community, would often cross paths with Invest Blue staff out and about in Armidale. Matt knew the company well and has been receiving advice from Invest Blue since 2011.

Lynch family double photo

The Lynch’s ultimate goal was to have in hand the Title Deeds to their property. With the help of Coffs Harbour Financial Planner Ben Warren, they are well on their way to obtaining the Title Deeds and have also been able to significantly reduce their debt, purchase a new car and take a family holiday to Fiji.