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Client Story: Losing life’s great love

November 4, 2016  |  #Celebrate

In the hope of helping others, Tracy shares her heartbreaking story.

Life was humming along for Lindsay and Tracy Diefenbach. They were settling in well to Armidale, even adapting to the cooler weather, having met and lived on the Sunshine Coast. Lindsay had job security and while only new to his role with Betts Transport (following on from his existing experience as a truck driver); he appreciated the supportive working environment at Betts. Most importantly, he had his four beautiful girls in his life, wife Tracy, their two little ones and eldest daughter Josie (24) from a previous marriage. He was even the proud Grandpa to Josie’s little boy, Ryley. Everyone was close, happy and healthy.



Tragically though, their world would soon be turned upside down with the abdominal pains Lindsay had been experiencing hiding something more sinister – liver cancer.  In the months that followed, the couple had a tough journey; Lindsay’s symptoms were initially dismissed as ‘nothing to worry about’ and the Diefenbachs got the run around from the medical profession for months. Eventually, lengthy surgery revealed an aggressive liver tumour wrapped around veins and arteries. Chemo followed and in time, Lindsay received the all clear. But even after the all clear and his return to work at Betts, Tracy, a nurse, knew that her husband’s continuing pain and discomfort was a very worrying sign. Heartbreakingly, in June 2014, at the age of 47, Lindsay passed away, leaving behind the girls he so adored.

Tracy wishes to share their story so that others may know the importance of being insured and having financial security when everything else in life is in complete turmoil.

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