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no longer a broken man

April 6, 2017  |  #Celebrate

putting the pieces back together after a workplace injury

Shane and Ben at the Invest Blue Coffs Harbour Office

Here, in the hope of helping others who may find themselves dramatically impacted by a workplace accident or facing other life challenges, Shane and Ben provide their perspectives.

Shane Winterton (47) would like nothing more than to rewind the clock and change the events of a working day that would dramatically impact his life. The years following the accident took Shane down a very bleak path. These days Shane is in a much better place mentally and emotionally and has made some important changes to his life, contributing part of his recovery and improved well-being to his financial planner, Ben Warren.

“Ben broke everything down for me so I could understand it. I was very open and relaxed with Ben as I knew I could trust him.  I walked out of there feeling a hell of a lot better. With Ben’s encouragement, I also joined Grow Group (a community based mental health support group) who have helped me with my depression.”

“Ben gave me peace of mind so I could have a normal life. I no longer worry about money matters and can go out and enjoy myself.”


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