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Client Story: Riding along smoothly

September 26, 2016  |  #Celebrate

Through strength, determination and a great financial plan...

The two things that Cliff & Lyn Stewart appreciate most about their Financial adviser, Steve Sewell are that he enables them to enjoy today whilst planning tomorrow, and that he takes a personal interest in their goals.

Lyn’s recent accomplishment (and something long on her bucket list) was completing her first Ironman Triathlon. In light of this great achievement and given Invest Blue’s support of their clients, they will fit her out with bike gear and proudly sponsor her in future events.

“Steve’s leadership was great from the outset. He really valued who we were and where we were going. Lyn and I felt cared for and supported. I particularly like the fact that he encourages us to consider our finances longer-term but to also make the most of the way we live today.”

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Cliff and Lyn are a little way off retirement yet, but fortunately, they are well prepared for when that time comes.