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December 16, 2016  |  #Celebrate

how our own, Serenette inspires us all

serenette-2At just 23, Serenette Crombie has certainly achieved a great deal already. She started university while still at high school and through her involvement with the QCWA (Queensland Country Women’s Association), she’s met Barack Obama and had a good chat with Prince William about her part in assisting drought stricken farmers.

In her capacity as Queensland’s State Leader for QCWA Young Leaders, she’s also contributed about 30 voluntary hours each week for the past three years. This year, she was a Volunteer of the Year nominee. And all of this is on top of her full-time role as a Client Support Manager in the Toowoomba Invest Blue office.

For many, at the mention of the Country Women’s Association they picture older women knitting quilts and baking scones but Serenette, who has been involved with the organisation for over a decade, represents a new wave of women guiding and mentoring other young women. It’s no surprise then that the organisation hoped to break the rules and have her continue on in her capacity as State Leader beyond the three-year term!

Serenette’s role (she’s just stepped down as State Leader) has been very rewarding. She’s loved observing the way young women grow and gain their self-confidence. Through the QCWA, girls learn important life skills such as public speaking and how to better prepare for a job interview. Serenette sites one example of seeing one very timid girl, lacking in confidence becoming self-assured, school captain and an accomplished public speaker.

Some of the women Serenette has helped to discover a sense of empowerment, lack strong female role models in their lives. The Young Leaders program provides a supporting and caring environment where girls can develop their skills without feeling judged in any way.  Each year, Serenette comes in contact with about 100 women from different communities and with most between 10 and 18 years of age, learning such skills is incredibly beneficial for their longer-term success.

Additionally, the QCWA makes a wonderful difference in local communities, be it providing on the ground assistance to those small, isolated towns or disaster relief work. For example, Serenette describes in detail her hands-on involvement following the devastating flooding in the Lockyer Valley region in 2011.

Serenette is someone who steps up to the plate – in life, at work and as a proud member of the community. She’s all about helping others and appreciates that same focus from Invest Blue.
Serenette Crombie posed in a park

“I love how focused the company is on improving the lives of others. I know that as an organisation, Invest Blue is really trying to make a difference to clients, employees and community members. Everyone is valued.”


Serenette may be young but she’s been exposed to many circumstances where people have lost everything they hold dear. As a result of this, she’s determined to make the most of every day and help others at every possible opportunity. And while the rest of us may wonder how she finds the time, as we wind up our conversation, she’s already making mention of many other organisations she’d love to help. Serenette is just one of those remarkable people who goes above and beyond for others and we’re so thrilled she’s part of the Invest Blue team.