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Which financial dreamer are you?

September 25, 2017  |  #Financial Planning

Take the pop quiz to find out!

In August 2016, some fascinating information was released about the ways in which Aussies approach their finances.  The study was conducted by social researchers, McCrindle in conjunction with our nation’s largest professional association of financial planners, FPA.

The ‘Dare to Dream’ research revealed that despite record property prices and debt, it wasn’t all doom and gloom; Australians are an optimistic bunch. In fact, 73% of us are invested in the future and saving for long term financial goals.

Another key finding of the study is that we fall into one of four distinct categories when it comes to our attitudes toward money and our dreams for the future: Rule Keeper, Mover & Shaker, Easy Rider and Poker Master.

Find out which four of the financial dreamers you are by taking the pop quiz.

Interestingly, the aforementioned 73% of us invested in our financial future fall into two categories; Rule Keeper and Mover & Shaker so let’s look at those first.

Rule Keepers

An estimated 40% of us fit into the Rule Keepers category with the most notable characteristics as follows;

  • You play it safe when it comes to money. Risk and potential reward are not your cup of tea
  • You’re aware that financial freedom takes time and are willing to work hard and make sacrifices now for long-term gain. You are focused on always improving your situation
  • You’re one for research and facts over spontaneity. Any decisions you make will be calculated
  • You prefer to seek financial advice from professionals or trusted family member and friends than to make decisions on your own
  • You’re highly organised, reliable and decisive

Movers & Shakers

33% of us best identify as Movers & Shakers when it comes to our financial dreams. Almost half of the men interviewed for the study fell into this category.

Here’s what to know for you Movers & Shakers out there;

  • You’re a dreamer but at the same time, are highly motivated to turn those dreams into a reality by setting goals and making plans
  • You’re focussed on investing for your future, believing good things come to those who wait
  • You’re one to gather all the facts before making financial decisions. Your decisions are informed. You value expert advice and input from family and friends
  • You’re prepared to make calculated risks for significant gains
  • Practical and adventurous by nature, you’re also optimistic and a great problem solver

Easy Riders

As the name implies, Easy Riders (which reflects 15% of the population) tend to live in the moment. In addition to being enthusiastic and spontaneous, Easy Riders opt to approach their finances as follows;

  • You prefer to play it safe, minimizing any financial risks
  • You tend to spend money as you earn it and are happy to reward yourself as you explore different possibilities in your day-to-day
  • You’re more focussed on the small, achievable goals rather than the long-term ones
  • When it comes to your financial future, there’s nothing too structured in place as you prefer to see where life takes you
  • You make decisions based on intuition and emotion and like to weigh up the pros and cons

Poker Masters

Poker Masters are daring and bold in their financial decision-making, reflecting just 12% of the population. Here are the key attributes of Poker Masters;

  • Long-term plans and a rigid financial structure are not for you. You’re focused on the short-term
  • You enjoy living in the moment and are spontaneous in your spending
  • You’re prepared to take significant risks. With that said though, you do weigh up risk verse reward and will step away if necessary
  • You’re always on the lookout for great new financial opportunities to improve your bottom line
  • You enjoy a certain financial flexibility that allows you to grab opportunities as they present themselves
  • You’re imaginative and your vision is ‘big picture’. Gut instinct drives much of your decision making


How can knowing which financial dreamer you are prove helpful, you may ask.


Financial Dreamer Chart: Poker Master, Movers & Shakers, Easy Rider, Rule Keeper

Source: Dare to Dream Research, THE MCCRINDLE BLOG

We all have different strengths and weaknesses and that’s true of our financial habits too. Studies such as the one conducted by McCrindle in conjunction with the FPA, help us better understand where we thrive and where we may struggle. Taking that information to the financial planner you trust and respect (and vice versa) puts you a step ahead. It gives them helpful insight from which to tailor-make a path to your financial independence and freedom.

And while we may fit into certain categories as far as our behaviours and attitudes toward money is concerned, it’s still important to remember that we’re also individuals with our own stories and dreams too. And the beauty of finding the right financial adviser means that they’ll take the time to listen to what matters most to you and support those fabulous long-term goals you aspire to before determining the appropriate strategies to get you there. There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to our finances or if there is, you’re probably not talking to the right professional!

At Invest Blue, we take the time to truly understand what is important to you and work with you to ensure you have the right plans in place for your situation so that you can achieve your goals and dreams. Get in touch to start your journey today.

To download the relevant infographic or for more detailed information on the Dare to Dream Case Study, click on the following links;

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