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2018-19 Federal Budget – what it means for investors

May 9, 2018  |  #Government Policy

Who are the winners, and how will it impact investment markets, retail investors and infrastructure?

The Treasurer delivered a 2018 Federal Budget that focussed on reducing the budget deficit, cutting taxes for lower and middle-income earners and supporting selective sectors of the economy, especially infrastructure.

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Saving a windfall with the hope of (decent) tax cuts to come


The 2018-19 Budget will be the last before the next election (due by May 2019) and so had to provide pre-election goodies but in a way that keeps the return to surplus on track. Thanks to an improvement in the budget position since the Mid-Year review, of around $7bn per annum, this has been made relatively easy. A modest fiscal stimulus will help households, but the main risk is that the revenue boost proves temporary.

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Who are the winners from this year’s Federal Budget?


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Implications for Investment Markets


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What the Federal Budget means for retail investors


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Impacts on infrastructure


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