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Federal Budget – What to expect

May 9, 2017  |  #Government Policy

The Federal Budget will be released on the eve of 9th May, what can you expect?

We will bring you a summary of the actual announcements when they are clearer, but on the eve of budget night, some initiatives have already been reported.

Canstar has documented a great snapshot of items that have been in the media to date as well as interviews with Treasurer Scott Morrison. The key theme this year seems to be based on “the principles of fairness”, with Morrison reporting that it is a practical budget and will bring better days ahead for all Australians.

We are gathered around to watch the budget announcements together (we love it!) and are keen to see what is stated in areas of housing affordability, superannuation law, company tax rates and other areas that impact our client’s personal budgets because all of these things impact individual plans.