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Seven reasons for optimism on the Australian economy

September 5, 2016  |  #Government Policy

There is good reason for optimism regarding the overall Australian growth outlook...


Ever since the mining boom ended several years ago it seems a sense of gloom has pervaded debate regarding Australia. There is constant talk of recession whether we don’t do something (like control the budget) or even if we do nothing (with reports titled “Australian Recession 2016 – Why it’s unavoidable and the quickest way to protect your wealth”). This sense of gloom makes me wonder whether it could be harming us – by dulling innovation, investment and a “can do” spirit. This note looks at seven reasons for optimism on Australia.

Key points

  • The mostly gloomy debate around the Australian economy often gives the impression we are in a constant state of crisis.
  • But economic growth is pretty good, the economy has rebalanced without the (“inevitable”) recession, the worst of the mining bust looks to be behind us, public infrastructure spending is ramping up, consumer and business confidence are around long term averages, share market profits have likely bottomed and Australia stacks up well on social considerations.
  • These are all reasons to be reasonably optimistic about the Australian economy and Australian assets.


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