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Loans – fixed vs variable

What are the differences between fixed interest and variable interest rates? Choose the loan type that best suits your needs and goals.

If you have heard of the fixed versus variable loan debate, then you're going to want to read this article. The conversation continues regardless of whether interest rates are rising or falling. We discuss the pros and cons or both and other options to what to consider.   Variable rate loans - Pros vs cons Pros  Cons Your home... view article
April 26th 2022

10 money conversations to have when your relationship heats up

It’s probably not the sexiest thing the two of you have on the to-do list but putting off talking about your financial expectations could see you butting heads.

  If you have been together for a while or are edging on making a big financial decision together, having the money talk could make a big difference to whether you go the distance. In fact, research shows 56.6% of people said discussing their finances strained their relationship.  Having these conversations sooner rather than later... view article
February 14th 2022

Divorce and superannuation – how is it split?

What will happen to your superannuation following separation? How is superannuation division decided? How can you arrange to split super with your ex-partner? Find out more in this article.

  Divorce or separation is rarely easy. On top of emotional hardship, organising the logistics of financial separation can be confusing. It’s important during times like this to remember to be kind to yourself and seek help when you need it. In Australia, as many as 49,000 divorces are granted each year, and the median duration... view article
June 16th 2021

Ask an Adviser – Navigating Love and Money

Money makes the world go around. But when it comes to relationships, it can sometimes stop them in their tracks. To help us navigate these sometimes challenging conversations, we are joined by Financial Adviser Gretel Chiswell.

Navigating love and money can be tricky, but it’s simpler when you learn to communicate about finances in an open and transparent manner. Sometimes easier said than done, we know, but with a few simple tools you could end up reaching your mutual goals sooner and finding more fulfilment in your relationship. To help us... view article
May 27th 2021

Living with adult children

The number of young adults living in the family home well into adulthood is growing. ABS data indicates, amongst adults under 35, nearly one third are still at home, and the trend is on the rise.

If managed well, multigenerational living can be beneficial to both your adult kids’ financial goals and your relationship with them, that said it’s not without its challenges.i  What’s behind the shift Today’s young Australians spend longer in higher education, stay single for longer or choose not to tie the knot at all and start families later... view article
May 21st 2021

My partner is a spender – managing joint finances

Perhaps your partner is a spender while you prefer to save, they live in the now and you prefer to plan for your future, or you are both working towards separate goals and can’t meet in the middle.

It can feel like you’re losing an uphill battle, you make every effort to plan ahead or get on top of your debt and the next day your credit card is topped back up with an impulse purchase made by your other half or perhaps you’ve been saving away for a future goal like... view article
February 3rd 2021

What does it mean to be financially secure?

Being financially secure is a top life goal for many Australians. The exact measure of financial security is different for everyone depending on your stage of life, lifestyle, liabilities and of course your goals and dreams.

The emphasis on financial security is of particular focus amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and for many, it will change the way we spend, manage and save our money for the rest of our life. When something unexpected like a pandemic occurs, the importance of having an emergency fund and money put aside to help... view article
August 4th 2020

How to manage money with friends and partners

Is your friend circle sending you broke? How can you prioritise reaching your financial goals without sacrificing your social life? How should you split expenses with your partner? Does it feel like you are always the one who ends up paying more? What if your partner is on a much higher salary?

Managing your money on your own can be a challenge for even the most financially savvy of us, let alone when you start sharing expenses with a partner or your friend circle isn’t on the same page as you financially. Managing these situations is an inevitable part of life but making sure you are... view article
July 29th 2020

Preparing your finances for divorce in the current environment

When you consider finances are a leading cause of stress in Australians it is not surprising to hear it is also one of the top reasons for separation and divorce. Navigating finances can be challenging in a relationship at the best of times, let alone amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. So, how can you prepare and manage your finances for divorce or separation and what extra steps should be taken into consideration during the current market environment?

With financial pressures mounting in every area of life during Coronavirus pandemic it is likely this could be causing a strain on your relationship too. If you do find your relationship has hit the end of the road it opens the complicated task of separating your finances from one another. Although you might start... view article
July 21st 2020

A guide to talking to kids about money

6 easy steps to get the money conversation started with your kids.

Knowing how to explain money to a child, teaching kids the value of money, budgeting and the all-important pocket money conversation are all challenges parents will face at some stage. You don’t necessarily need to be specific with what you earn and spend, but money shouldn’t be a taboo subject and we shouldn’t shelter our... view article
May 19th 2020

Early childhood education fee savings

Families with young children will be able to send their children to their care centres for free

Released 2 April 2020 Families with young children will receive an additional break from 6th April, with the offer of free childcare through early learning and childcare centres. This package, along with JobKeeper is aimed at supporting the longer term viability of these businesses whose recent enrolment’s have become highly variable. It is also aimed... view article
April 3rd 2020

Out with the prenup and in with the pronup!

The famous prenuptial agreement; how can we avoid a prenup and better handle our finances in a relationship. Introducing the pronup!

We’re all familiar with the famous prenuptial agreement but what if there was a better way to handle your finances in a relationship? We want to introduce you to a new agreement that leaves the negative stigma of relationships and money behind and comes with a positive twist in the hope of making those... view article
February 25th 2020

Your financial life after separation

What are the first steps you need to make to take control of your financial life when your relationship ends? What should you be prepared for?

No matter how a couple have arrived at the decision to separate, dividing up their financial lives can be a challenge. There are many things to consider financially during a separation, some need addressing quite quickly, others are better left to be more fully researched and considered. At Invest Blue, we have worked with... view article
November 5th 2019

How to stop fighting over finances

Why do we argue about money? How do we have healthier conversations about money? It’s time to stop fighting about money. Also check out our Whitepaper ‘Money Mindsets’ to explore different theories to get your conversations started.

  It's not uncommon for financial issues to put a strain on relationships. When you’re still finding your feet financially and romantically, there are plenty of ways for shared finances to go awry. Over half (52 per cent) of Australian couples say they argue about money, a finder.com.au[1] survey reveals - seven per cent of... view article
July 26th 2019

Savings and budgeting tips to improve your relationship with money

Is money making you smile? These budgeting tips will help you improve your relationship with money.

Are you a real scrimper, constantly denying yourself great opportunities in the name of saving money? Or do you prefer to ignore your bank balance and just spend until you can't anymore? Your relationship with money determines how you spend, save and ultimately live. Whether you fear it, enjoy it or love to hate money, you... view article
May 9th 2019

family summer savings

5 ways the whole family can cut costs this summer

The sun is shining throughout the country and summer is pounding down the doors! It's just about time to slip, slop, slap and hit the sandy shores with your nearest and dearest. However, before you start flashing your cash to keep the family happy over the summer holidays, have you thought about how much this... view article
December 4th 2018

Preparing for parenthood

3 ways to prepare yourself financially for your growing family

Starting a family is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. When inviting your first little one into the world, you're paving the way for a lifetime of love and fulfillment. That said, with the joy comes a number of considerations. Growing your family can be emotionally challenging, and isn't always cheap. Raising a... view article
October 3rd 2018

When is it ok to talk about money?

Do’s and don’ts of talking about money

It’s up there with religion, politics, sex; the list of ‘taboo’ subjects, or is it? In the world we live in today, money is more like the greatest taboo of all! Why? If as a society we have ‘comfortably’ moved past the reservations around most taboo subjects, why does money still rein as the most... view article
July 5th 2018

Private school education- a good investment?

The pros and cons of private education

Choosing the right school can set your child up for lifelong success. This begs the question - private or public? There are unique advantages to both categories, however, what you choose should ultimately reflect your values and goals. Australia has one of the highest levels of private school enrolment within the OECD, as well as... view article
June 7th 2018

Should I lend money to my family?

Things to consider when lending money to loved ones.

You’re probably fairly used to helping your family out with a little extra cash here and there. Whether it’s pocket money for doing chores, or money to pay phone bills, go see a movie or buy clothes, for example. But what happens when they put their hands out for help to buy the big-ticket items?... view article
March 15th 2018

Helping our children to learn great financial habits Part 2

Lessons on budgeting, boots and Banqer!

Research shows that it’s never too early for children to start learning about money management. Fostering financial understanding early will lead to confident and independent decision makers and is more likely to result in financial stability in adulthood. We recently introduced Part 1 of ‘Kids and Finances’ which highlighted how our own financial habits can... view article
October 12th 2017
It's hardly surprising that many people turn to their parents for help on money matters in Australia. Your parents probably set up your first savings account, shelled out your pocket money and established an early financial example to follow. So should you trust financial advice from your mum and dad? A recent National Australia Bank... view article
October 3rd 2017

Your Financially Fabulous Wedding

Simple savings for your special day

All you need is love... right? For celebrities and royals it is nothing out of the ordinary to splash out on expensive weddings (and in some cases multiple!). Prince William and Kate Middleton spent a whopping $33 million on their fairy tale wedding in 2011, $800,000 on flowers alone! (i) But for the everyday commoner, the... view article
September 14th 2017
I love that kids think big and genuinely admire those lofty career goals of being both an artist and professional surfer before segueing into rock stardom and interior design, all by the age of 25. No matter what your children aspire to be, a little understanding on money matters will help them on their... view article
August 15th 2017
Saving money for your family doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up doing fun activities or eating nice food. Financial planning for your future might involve cutting costs on eating out, for example, but it doesn't mean that you can't eat your favourite foods anymore. Food is an important part of the Australian lifestyle,... view article
May 4th 2017
Sharing your life with someone you love is one of the greatest joys you can have. However, many people don't know how to navigate the waters of financial planning for the future when you are doing it with someone else. When do you pool your funds together? What kind of conversations do you need to... view article
October 12th 2016
All is fair in love and war - right? Well, maybe in a perfect world. The reality is that romance and relationships can get sticky fast and sometimes your finances are wrapped up in the complicated equation. Just ask Paulette Perhach, in an interview with Mashable, the writer detailed how her lack of financial security... view article
August 11th 2016

Saving as a Family

A few handy tips to make saving fun and beneficial for the whole family

At Invest Blue, you and your goals are our number one priority. We are passionate about helping people achieve their individual and family dreams. Your family goal could be a holiday, a new car, or a new home. Or perhaps your primary target is to build a strong financial plan that better allows you to manage your... view article
November 20th 2015