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Ask an Adviser – What is Wealth Protection and is it really necessary?

In this month’s edition of Ask an Adviser, Financial Adviser Adam Winstone shares his insights on Wealth Protection.

We’ve all come to appreciate, particularly over the past two years or so, that life doesn’t always go according to plan, which is why you may want to consider taking a proactive approach to protecting your assets and reducing your risk exposure. Financial Adviser Adam Winstone believes that implementing strategies to protect the wealth our... view article
February 4th 2022


Should I take out insurance through my super?

While we all hope for good health, the reality is that some of us may struggle at times with sickness or injury. And that may affect your family’s financial wellbeing.

Different types of life and personal insurance serve to offer financial support in the event you cannot earn income, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones in times of adversity. Insurance products such as life insurance and total and permanent disability (TPD) cover are available through your superannuation fund or directly through an insurance company.... view article
September 11th 2023

Ask an Adviser – What is Trauma Insurance and why do I need it?

We caught up with Financial Adviser Luke Warren from our Armidale office to discuss Trauma Insurance. Having also practised law, Luke has seen firsthand the ramifications of things going awry in people’s lives. Such insight inspires him to help his clients in making the very best decisions for their financial future.

Here, Luke provides a brief overview of this all-important insurance cover. Q. What is Trauma Insurance? As the name suggests, Trauma Insurance assists people who have experienced something traumatic in their lives. It’s also known as Critical Illness Insurance or Recovery Insurance. It’s one of the more important insurances with respect to what it actually covers and... view article
December 7th 2021

Major changes coming to Insurance Protection – Could it be time to Review Your Cover?

If you’ve owned an individual income protection or salary continuance policy in recent years, you may have seen your premiums increase as insurers struggled to cover their large losses on these products.

Given the ongoing competition and generous features in some products, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has decided it’s time for some new rules to ensure income protection cover remains sustainable and affordable for customers. This will result in sweeping changes to these types of policies from 1 October 2021, so it’s essential to review... view article
June 4th 2021

Life Cover: More essential than ever

Many Australians continue to view life insurance and income protection as a discretionary item. This is in stark contrast to car or home insurance which are seen as necessities. It seems we are willing to insure our property but not the thing that matters most – our life and our ability to earn an income.

On the 1st of April life insurance premiums were set to rise by several leading providers with many already increasing prior to this. For some people, this may be the second increase within the last 6 months causing many to question their need for insurance, yet insurance is just as important now if not... view article
April 27th 2021

Mind the insurance gap – how much cover should you have?

At a time when many people have been focused on their family’s health and livelihood, having adequate life insurance has never been more important. Yet the gap between what we need and what we have, has been growing.

Life insurance is all about ensuring your family can maintain their lifestyle if you were to die or become seriously ill. Even people who do have some level of protection might discover a significant shortfall if they had to depend on their current life insurance policies. That’s because 70 per cent of Australians who have... view article
February 9th 2021

A guide to personal insurance

Insurance may not be the most exciting element of your financial plan however being adequately insured can be one of the most important and valuable things you ever you do if the time comes that you need it.

It is instinctive of us to insure our car and home, but if the latest pandemic taught us anything it is that life is unpredictable. Having the right level of personal insurance including, income protection and life insurance should be heavily considered on your path to creating financial security. Insurance not only provides peace... view article
July 13th 2020

Protecting your loved ones with Life Insurance

Protecting your family from life’s unexpected

Life insurance, along with other personal insurances, is designed for the purpose of protecting you and your loved ones in the event that the unexpected occurs. The unexpected is not something we like to think about, let alone plan for. But incorporating this extra level of protection into your financial plan provides you and your... view article
June 23rd 2020

Protecting your Super and Insurance, what does it mean?

Recently, the Federal Government introduced the Protecting Your Super package. The intent behind the legislation is to ensure that the premiums for insurance policies inside super don’t erode the balance of inactive accounts. With the automation of closing Insurance accounts for those inactive accounts, many Australians could find themselves under-insured.

If you hold a Superannuation account that has been inactive (not received any contributions for 16 months or more) and you have not already notified your Super Fund that you wish to retain your insurance, it could be cancelled from 1 July 2019. If you have already taken action, or you are certain that you... view article
June 11th 2019

Have you had a claimable event?

We've met many people who have had a claimable event in their lives, but not made the claim with their insurance. Without our help, they could have missed out. What does a financial planner do to help with insurance? What is the chance of my needing to use insurance? Do insurers really pay claims? What should I do if the worst happens?

As advisers, part of our job is to understand your insurance needs. We do this as part of a much broader conversation about what is important about money, to you; where you are now, and what you want for your future. Wealth protection is something that can be critically important, depending on your stage... view article
April 9th 2019

How much insurance cover do I need?

Before you determine how much, there are some key variables to consider. We have a philosophy around ‘wealth protection’ that guides how we make those recommendations.

As we move through life, the amount of insurance protection, or ‘cover’ we should have, changes. A very common question we hear when working with new clients is ‘how much should I have’? And no matter if you are a new client or one we have been working with for years, we look at... view article
April 5th 2019

5 life insurance questions you’ve always wanted to ask

Find out what impact do factors have on your ability to buy life insurance.

What impact do factors like your weight, age and smoking status have on your ability to buy life insurance? Holding life insurance can be a lifelong gift to your family and provide a lot of peace-of-mind, particularly if you have debt or dependants. Life insurers take into account a number of different factors when assessing... view article
April 3rd 2019

One in three Aussies travel without protection

Why travel insurance is a must for overseas adventures.

It’s that time of the year when our thoughts turn to summer holidays, but amid the excitement of choosing a destination, don’t forget to arrange travel cover. In the last three years, one in three Australians has headed off internationally without the protection of travel insurance. If you run into trouble overseas it can be... view article
May 29th 2018

Insurance through my super

Am I better off buying insurance through my super?

When it comes to arranging insurance it’s important to decide what types of insurance are available to you and what you’ll need for your particular life circumstances. From here you’ll need to consider whether you should keep it inside your super fund or set it up separately. Do you have the right insurance to protect... view article
June 21st 2017

How (and why) to talk to your adult children about insurance

Make sure your children are protected (and safeguard the retirement you’ve worked so hard for)

Adult children living at home. It’s the premise for many a zany Hollywood comedy. Men in their ‘30s or ‘40s living with their mums, modern city families having to move to their parents’ country homes, houses packed to the rafters with multiple generations. Surprisingly, it’s the reality for a number of Australian families. Retirees looking... view article
June 7th 2017
  The idea of life insurance is hardly inspiring, in fact it can be downright depressing! But knowing you have adequate coverage can be a huge load off, as well as a crucial gift to your family. With a fresh year underway, and potentially some renewed energy for taking care of yourself, now is a great... view article
January 17th 2017