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Special of the Month – NAB

Special of the month- NAB

NAB is offering a promotional discount on its Base Variable Rate product for new owner occupier borrowers making principal & interest repayments. The Base Variable Rate Offer is available for new lending only and for a limited time.

The Base Variable Rate Offer is a 1.42% p.a. discount off the current advertised indicator rate for NAB’s Base Variable Rate Home Loan – Principal and Interest, Owner Occupier product, making the new advertised rate for eligible customers currently 3.69% p.a. (3.73% p.a. Comparison Rate).

Eligibility criteria

• New lending only – an application must be submitted and approved on or after 16 March 2018 until offer closes (as advised by NAB).

• Owner occupier, principal and interest repayment home loans only

• Also available to existing NAB customers increasing their NAB Base Variable Rate Home Loan (Principal & Interest, Owner Occupier) by $20,000 or more

• $600 application fee applies

• LMI payable where the customer’s loan to property value ratio (LVR) is greater than 80%

• Not available for non-resident borrowers

The Base Variable Rate offer will permanently cease to apply on the earlier of:

• any change to loan purpose or repayment type; or

• loan ceases to be a NAB Base Variable Rate Home Loan.