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Westpac – Lender of the month

August 2017

Westpac have some interesting niches at present. Some of these are listed below:

  • Self-employed income can be verified to a single year tax return for loans up to 80% LVR and 90% LVR if existing Westpac lending client. Access to WBC’s Special Borrower Sector Packages including Industry Specialisation Sector, Medico Sector, Sports and Entertainment Sector.
  • Contract of Sale Tool available indicating where a contract of sale can be relied on without the need of a valuation.
  • Up to 95% LVR (including LMI) for Owner Occupied Lending, Rental utilised as Genuine Savings
  • Maximum 4 dwellings on 1 Title.
  • Flexi First Offers for PandI only with .68% discount and INV 2 yr rate .75% discount.
  • $1250 Refi Rebate for OO PandI Only + INV PandI and IO
  • Approval in principle for off the Plan Purchases