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What is acceptable income to a lender?

We look at one lenders policy for income. This covers base income, shift and overtime, allowances, rental income as well as add backs for business income.


Base income – 2 payslips (max 60 days old) only required where base income used for servicing (Payment Summary also required if LVR is >80%.) OR 3 months bank statement showing a regular salary credit, with the name of the employer.

Shift / Overtime Income – 80% considered if evidenced over 12 months and expected to be a regular component of a borrower’s salary (all industries).

Allowances (PAYG income) – 80% of allowances are considered however they must not exceed 25% of the applicant’s salary income.

Bonus / Commission – Can be consider up to 80% if evidenced as follows:

  • Monthly/quarterly basis, income to be evidenced over 12 months
  • Annual/irregular payments, income to be evidenced over 2 years
  • Commission can not be more than double the base salary

Rental Income

Rental incomes assessed at 65% of current or anticipated amount. Acceptable evidence is:

  • Current lease agreement / Rental statement, or
  • letter from licensed real estate agents, or
  • Panel valuer’s estimate of the likely rental income.

Add backs for Business Income

Up to 100% of depreciation will be used, however where related to the replacement cost of an “essential asset that assists in the generation of business income”, the depreciation percentage that can be used will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Interest on loans being refinanced
  • Superannuation payments above minimum required
  • Non-recurring rental payments

Business Income (NPBT)

  • When increase to income is ≤ 20% adopt most recent year’s income
  • When increase to income is > 20% adopt an average of the last two years
  • When income has decreased adopt the most recent year’s income