20 years in the making…

August 1st 2016 | Categories: Financial Planning |

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Our main concern at all times is our clients, so we don’t usually like to talk about ourselves. We’d rather keep everyone informed, share interesting information or celebrate your successes! While the origins of our current business date back through a continuous line of ownership to 1954; on 1 Aug 2016, Invest Blue is officially 20 years old! On 1st of Aug 1996, we commenced our journey as financial planning specialists, and we have been working hard to help people realise their goals and dreams ever since.

The traditional gift for a 20th Anniversary is china, and we think this is a perfect symbol for the strength of a relationship that has endured 2 decades. It’s beautiful, delicate and part of every day.


We are passionate about helping people realise their goals and dreams. Over the years we have borne witness to incredible successes; from epic ‘bucket-list’ retirement trips, first-homes & dream-homes, children graduating and children introducing grandchildren! We have seen countless families achieve dreams they didn’t believe would be possible and love nothing more than celebrating alongside them.

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We also know that our relationships are built on trust. Our number one priority is always the best interest of the client; and over the years we have also borne witness to market soars and crashes, legislation overhauls and the raw side of life and death. With the role we play, we know the only way to last and to grow along with our clients, is to put you first: stay on top of the game, understand the best advice, have the best team, work together as a family and strive to take the lead in our industry.

The everyday

While financial planning might be something that you think about once a year, we know that it impacts your everyday. Questions like: What can we afford? Are we on track? Do we have to choose or can we do both? What if something happens to one of us? crop up all the time. It is that kind of day-to-day worry we strive to put to bed with a solid financial plan and strategies that grow with you as you progress through your life.

We are honoured to have played a role in so many lives over the years. These relationships drive our every-day and are what challenge us to strive for greater success in the future. We know we can make a positive difference for the families we work with, and we will continue to grow so we can offer the best advice to you, your friends and families and the communities we work within.

So thank you for joining us on our journey, it is our honour to be a tiny part of yours. Here’s to the next 20 years and beyond!


What you need to know

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