Our Culture

Invest Blue is passionate about empowering people reach their goals and dreams by providing quality, tailored financial advice.

Our core values

We have six underlying core values that dictate the Invest Blue way.

Think differently

Think differently

We are family

We are family

No excuses

No excuses

Take the lead

Take the lead

Celebrate the wins

Celebrate the wins

Elated clients

Elated clients

So what does it mean to have strong core values? And how do you ensure your business has and is living by them?

Core values that make a difference to a business are authentic descriptions of the founding principles the business operates by. Often they are a reflection of the personal values or principles of the founding member(s) of the business. A true ‘core value’ is something that is undeniably present in the way decisions are made. They are not aspirational, they are actual.

When you get it right you will find your people feel a strong sense of purpose in their work. What happens everyday and what the business is striving for align. Actions are connected to desired outcomes.

How do you determine what your core values are?

For our business, this was an exercise of determining what the common themes were in the way we had been operating, not an exercise of describing what we thought we should be doing.

It took a good while, and a few versions to really set in on what we felt truly described our business culture. Jim Collins offers a tool to help with this here, if you are familiar with his work it will make sense, if not read Good to Great first.

We lived with a set of 5 for a few years and tested their validity over that time by continuously asking all our people to give examples of where they see the values lived across the business and within their own work.

Our annual awards recognise those who excel at living the values. This is a peer nominated set of awards and a wonderful chance to shine the spotlight on many quiet achievers. We also have quarterly awards that recognise individuals who have lived all core values. These awards are quite special and prestigious amongst our people, something to strive for.

“Celebrate the Wins: “I think it’s so unique and special the way the business puts such an emphasis on recognising the culmination of everyone’s hard work and I feel as though it breeds a strong worth ethic and culture of togetherness.”

David French, Financial Adviser

How do you ensure your core values are lived every day, and persevere through growth and change?

Lead by example

Each person who has a role in leading a team within the business is held to account with the core values. Their decisions and actions are put under the core value lens to ensure that they align.

We measure outcomes

Our value of ‘elated clients’ is something we can measure. We survey our clients routinely throughout the advice process and engage an external research firm to undertake an annual review of how our clients are feeling about the work we do.

We share things publicly

One of the most enjoyable values to live is the ‘celebrate the wins’. When we see our clients living their best life, achieving the goals they have set for themselves, we are over the moon.

It is embeded in our language

We talk about our values, and how our decisions align all the time. Any one person in the business would be able to cite the values. When we roll out a new initiative or discuss our performance, it is always put in the context of our values.

Our structures allow for it

When we are on track with our projects or goals, we hold ‘celebrate the wins’ events. It might be a dinner out, or a hit of tennis. This is something that allows us to recognise achievement and come together as a team, region or business.

Individual success of their ability to live the values

Each quarter, as part of a discussion about their role and performance, every individual meets with their manager and must provide a series of examples of how they have lived the core values.

Key elements to core values, and living them

  • They do not change, they will be as valid today as they will be in decades to come
  • It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as they are genuine. They should be truly authentic.
  • They inspire those in the business
  • They help the business think expansively about what it could be doing that it isn’t
  • They help the business decide what not to do, and
  • Ultimately, they enable a business to deliver leading service or product to their clients

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