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Client Stories

Catching up and steaming towards retirement

Patricia felt she was stuck in a rut and falling behind in regards to her financial independence. With help of Toowoomba financial planner Craig Uys, she has increased her superannuation, refinanced an investment loan and fine-tuned her budget.

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Three new beginnings

Mel and Matt Neary moved from Brisbane to Armidale to fulfil a lifelong dream. With the help of Invest Blue advisers Geoff Murray and Anthony Lyons, the move was easy, considering it was during the Christmas period and they had a baby on the way!

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Keeping busy with the bees

Ian considers himself conservative when it comes to spending. At 71, he and his wife, Kathy were recommended by Invest Blue Armidale adviser Steve Sewell to treat themselves and ‘spend up’. They have confidence in their financial situation now and for the rest of their retirement.

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Caitlin pursues her philanthropic dreams in Vietnam

Caitlin’s financial plan helps her to live her dream of working internationally for a philanthropic cause, ensuring she has enough to get by, to study, and continue her meaningful work.

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Matters of the Heart

Craig and Sam have been client’s of Steve Fort since 2006. Whilst they have always valued their relationship with Steve, it wasn’t until Craig suffered a heart attack that they realised the true value of financial security that Steve had helped them to achieve.

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Sunnier Skies

Dr Sudhanshu Kumar and his fiancé, Maria made the move from England and have recently purchased their first home in Australia with help from their financial planner, Theo Holland and credit adviser, Carol O’Shea.

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When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Shopping for a new bed led Eamonn to Moira. A long-standing friendship with Invest Blue Credit Adviser, Carol O’Shea led the the couple purchasing their ‘heaven on earth’.

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Getting back on the bike

Emma’s story shows us that even those with great financial know how can find themselves in troubling circumstances. Some simple advice from a friend helped Canberra based Emma to get back on her Harley and back on track to achieving her dreams.

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A bold investment, Bora Bora, and a Bordoodle

Nicole and Alberto had been considering investing for some time. At 32, their years of full-time employment were paying off and they were in a good financial position to invest. Nicole and Alberto were guided through the process by Nicole’s colleague and Financial Adviser, Michael Craig.

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a little bit of sunshine

Graeme and Julie dreamt of being able to provide their grandchildren with financial support, or rather, ‘a little bit of sunshine’.

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The snowboarding safety net

For young parents Dwane and Charna, income protection insurance was a saviour after a snowboarding accident left Dwane unable to work.

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finding their ‘forever’ home

Tim and Leonie Wrightson had a day of madness when they sold their home, bought a new one and settled all in one day. Their adviser Justin Beh was with them at every step, calmly reassuring them and alleviating much of the stress.

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have van will travel

Since retiring in 2007, the Chaffeys have loved nothing more than setting off in the caravan to places unknown. Retirement has enabled them to pick up right where they left off so many years ago – exploring Australia.

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putting the pieces back together after a workplace injury

Shane Winterton (47) would like nothing more than to rewind the clock and change the events of a working day that would dramatically impact his life. The years following the accident took Shane down a very bleak path. These days Shane is in a much better place mentally and emotionally and has made some important changes to his life, contributing part of his recovery and improved well-being to his financial planner, Ben Warren.

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Losing life’s great love

Life was humming along for Lindsay and Tracy Diefenbach. They were settling in well to Armidale, even adapting to the cooler weather, having met and lived on the Sunshine Coast. Tragically though, their worlds would soon be turned upside down with the abdominal pains Lindsay had been experiencing hiding something more sinister – liver cancer. Heartbreakingly, in June 2014, at the age of 47, Lindsay passed away, leaving behind the girls he so adored.

Tracy wishes to share their story so that others may know the importance of being insured and having financial security when everything else in life is in complete turmoil.

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picture perfect

Ross and Pat Simshauser are very thankful that five years ago, they made the decision to seek financial advice with Invest Blue. In their own words, they ‘really turned a corner’ once Steve Sewell and Invest Blue began managing their finances. The Simhausers had instant results and have been able to enjoy the things they love in retirement with financial peace of mind. They’re particularly keen on travelling regularly within Australia and Ross has a great passion for landscape photography.

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aiming for those acres

Coming on board as clients of Regina “Reggie” Taarnby in mid-2016 has already made the world of difference to the finances of Bryan Wells and Tamsin McBeth-Wells. They’re no longer concerned about paying the next utilities bill and are even off to a wedding in New Zealand later in the year – a trip they say was unthinkable a year ago. Best of all, this couple are on track to reach their ultimate goal; moving from the Central Queensland town of Blackwater to a farm of their own with plenty of space for their family and horses.

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a decade of direction

Erik and Margaret Dekkers of Manilla were struggling with a clear plan towards retirement. They had met with a few different advisers; but had not found one who seemed to understand their vision or provide a clear plan they felt comfortable with. Fortunately, over a decade ago, the Dekkers became clients of Steve Sewell and 17 years on from Erik’s retirement, their money continues to grow.

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relishing retirement

New Zealand born Michael Snelling continues to enjoy his retirement – it brings him the freedom to do what he finds pleasurable such as volunteering, travelling and spending time with his three adult children and six grandchildren who also reside in Sydney. Since retiring from the banking industry over a decade ago, Michael has been guided in his money matters by financial planner, Bernard ‘Bernie’ Fehon.

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Beefing up the Business

For Tim Vincent, farming cattle is in his blood and he's as passionate about it now as he was as a 12-year-old kid. Last year, with the support and encouragement of their Invest Blue financial advisor, Steve Sewell, Tim and Margaret purchased a nearby property so they could expand their business.

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Making it Happen

‘Make it Happen’ is the motto that Gladstone based, Andrew and Jodie Cameron strive to live by – at home, at work and with their goals too. The Camerons recently returned from their first overseas trip as a couple (adult son Jordan stayed in Australia) where they visited New Zealand, Hong Kong and cruised through the Asia Pacific region. The trip was an incredible milestone for the couple and Jodie acknowledges that their wonderful travel experiences would not have come about without the guidance of the very ‘passionate’ and ‘special’ Regina Taarnby from their local Invest Blue office.

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from lemons to lemonade

In 2014, Sam was suddenly made redundant by his employer of 26 years. At 57, Sam didn't believe retirement was an option and felt daunted by what lay ahead; two of his daughters were soon to be married.
Sam and his wife, Karen were referred to Bernard Fehon from the Penrith Invest Blue office which led to many changes. Sam was able to retire with financial peace of mind, their mortgage was paid off late last year and in May, Karen fulfilled a childhood dream to visit Norway.
“He was tremendous and explained everything in layman’s terms. Bernie assessed our financial position and went away and did some research and when we caught up again, recommendations were made and he said we were in a position for me to retire."

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The House with the White Picket Fence

Cory and Brittany had been house hunting for a year without any luck when the ‘Private Sale’ sign appeared outside a charming, renovated Queenslander in a great location in the heart of Gladstone. Within a few days, the young couple had arranged to see through the home. And as they stood outside together, they looked at one another and knew they’d found ‘the one’.

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Riding along smoothly

With great determination and the help of a wonderful Financial Planner, Cliff and Lyn are able to cross of the items of their bucket list and look forward to their retirement in the future.
"I particularly like the fact that he encourages us to consider our finances longer-term but to also make the most of the way we live today.”

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A Natural Fit

Without the help of Armidale Planner Steve Sewell, Bernadene would not have been able to follow her dream in establishing her own business. Together they have been able to strategise and plan, and Bernadene is now the proud new owner of Nundle Natural Skin Solutions and doesn't she have some plans!

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Striding ahead

Peter Madirazza is making strides, setting and achieving goals with his running and at times covering 40km a week. Peter and his wife Karen are also making some great strides financially by setting their family up for the longer-term with thanks to their fifteen year relationship with Invest Blue’s Steve Sewell.
“Apart from our shared appreciation of sport and cricket especially, we find Steve very reassuring. Thanks to Steve, we know we have all the facts when the time comes to making decisions. He gives us peace of mind that we’re doing the right thing for our longer-term financial future.”

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Deeds Please

With help from Coffs Harbour Financial Planner Ben Warren, the Lynch family have significantly reduced their debt, purchased a new car, had a holiday to Fiji and are working towards gaining the Deeds to their Home.

“Ben has an outstanding knowledge of financial matters, backed up by the many letters after his name. His advice and guidance has been fantastic. He is a genuine person who really takes ownership in seeing his clients succeed.”

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In his father’s footsteps

Winston and Yvonne love to travel. With advice from Brendan, they are able to stay in control of their finances and make every dream adventure possible.

“Whilst I’ve dealt with money all my life in the workplace, I couldn’t do what they do. We ask questions, Brendan makes recommendations and we go through everything together. And we always have a good time.”

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Caring Hands

Brisbane-based Sonia Guernieri has spent over thirty years looking after others. Since connecting with Invest Blue, she’s learned how to look after her own needs, too, with a growing love for worldwide wandering.

These days, Sonia has no mortgage and has paid off her investment property, too. “I am now feeling financially comfortable, so I can take more risks and dabble a bit more. In that sense, I have things in order.”

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The dream family home

In the midst of raising a young family, Brendan helped Paul and Candice along the way to achieve their goal of a new family home.

“At the moment, we’ve got what we set out for and are keen to sit back and enjoy it.”

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65 countries and counting

After working for many years as a special educator, it was Jenny’s dream to have an early retirement and travel the world. In 2007, Jenny met with Invest Blue and with the help of Armidale Financial Planner David Stephen, and more recently Robert Pollard, she was able to retire even earlier than expected.

“I know that I’ve been given the right professional advice to keep my finances in order. Invest Blue have given me the guidance to make my money work better.”

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Living the coastal dream!

Two years ago, Jennifer and Bruce Etienne were encouraged by a friend to set up a meeting with financial planner, David French from Invest Blue. The ‘Baby Boomers’ had long held a dream of escaping the pressures of city life for a sea change. At 63, Bruce was finding work challenging due to his rheumatoid arthritis and the couple still had a mortgage on their home of 20 years in the Campbelltown area of Sydney. They worried that the coastal dream was simply out of their grasp. Fortunately, Invest Blue were able to guide Jennifer and Bruce financially and the couple now delightedly call a beautiful pocket of the Central Coast home.

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“It’s the scariest thing I have ever done!”

Besides visiting an active volcano, 34 year old Kelly Naylor describes embarking on the journey of getting financial advice as one of the scariest things she has ever done. Eighteen months on, we are pleased to report that she feels it is also one of the most rewarding and life-changing decisions she and her husband, Todd (37), have ever made.

Todd and Kelly continue to strive toward their long-term financial goals, whilst enjoying life along the way with their new boat and motor bike.

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Winning has meant losing for Bernadene

For Bernadene Hunt the financial planning journey she embarked on a number of years ago has not just helped her achieve her financial goals, it has helped her achieve total well being for her finances, her fitness and her lifestyle.

When Bernadene Hunt was widowed in 2002 she was faced with reassessing her finances and her goals as a single person. Bernadene knew what was important to her – she wanted to be financially and personally fit so she could take on this new life on her own. She also wanted to make sure she was catered for well in retirement.

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Aaron stands protected on the sideline

Physiotherapist and avid rugby player Aaron Hardaker was very aware that injury was a real risk in the contact sport of rugby union. What he didn’t expect was that he would end up watching from the sideline of his favourite sports and his business due to a major injury sustained not on the rugby field, but in a social game of OzTag.

When Aaron sustained a major knee injury playing a social game of OzTag the result was two knee reconstruction operations and sixteen weeks of zero weight bearing on the affected leg. This meant Aaron could not work as a physiotherapist for this time. Sixteen weeks out of practicing in his physiotherapy business could have been debilitating for the business and Aaron’s financial situation.

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A Festive Retirement for Ron

After retiring at 58, Ron sought the help of a financial planner at 65 in 2010. Ron has worked with Bernie in Penrith for five years now and together they have worked out a plan to structure his super and assets and created an income stream that allowed him to live comfortably and do the work he loves.

For the past 9 years Ron has embraced the Christmas spirit dressing as Santa to help spread the seasons’ joy.

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