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Market Updates

What are the risks involved and how will it affect us?
February 20th 2018
Seven reasons not to be too concerned.
February 9th 2018
AMP's Chief Economist Dr Shane Oliver looks at the recent volatility of the US stock markets and how it will impact other markets across the world.
February 7th 2018
List of lists vis-à-vis the macro investment outlook
January 31st 2018
- still in the "sweet spot" but expect more volatility ahead.
December 11th 2017
Why cautious optimism is better for your investment health than perma pessimism.
December 7th 2017
Implications for investors
October 6th 2017
Five reasons why some further pick up is likely and implications for investors.
September 27th 2017
Charts that help illuminate key aspects of investing
September 13th 2017
Lessons learned and can it happen again?
September 4th 2017
What's driving it? And what it means for economic growth and investors.
August 14th 2017
Interest rates still on hold. Why the RBA board has left the cash rate unchanged.
August 3rd 2017
Identifying market dislocations is something that requires investment expertise.
July 26th 2017
Despite global worries, last year proved to be prosperous for investors. Here are the key lessons and next year’s outlook from AMP’s Chief Economist, Dr Shane Oliver.
July 20th 2017
AMP Chief Economist Dr Shane Oliver explains the implications for investors as the Australian economy hits another rough patch.
June 15th 2017
Some great advice for investors regarding discipline, and utilising, but not relying on forecasts.
June 1st 2017
Here’s a roundup of some of the key Budget proposals put forward, and a look at how they might affect your financial goals — whether you’re starting out in your working life, building a career and family, or enjoying the fruits of your labour in retirement.
May 22nd 2017
Cash rate still on hold. What does this mean for your family?
June 7th 2017
The transformation from the austerity to end “the age of entitlement” of the 2014 budget to the “fairness, security and opportunity” of this Budget has been profound.
May 10th 2017
Are shares offering enough of a risk premium over bonds? What about rising bond yields?
May 5th 2017
super changes - 2 things you can do now, EFT's are set to grow, megatrends impacting yields, and Japanese investor behavior
March 14th 2017
The latest monthly business and market update from respected independent research organisation, Lonsec.
April 10th 2017
An update on global recovery outlooks, 7 investment trends to watch, and the upside of 'generation rent'.
April 20th 2017