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Given the tendency for the young to start off on the left, it’s no surprise to see younger generations favour a bigger role for government in what The Economist magazine has dubbed “millennial socialism”.
March 15th 2019
Dr. Shane Oliver looks at the outlook for the Australian economy following another quarter of very weak growth and what it means for investors and whether Australia’s luck has run out with housing turning down (and less economic reform in recent times)? While we see a constrained period for Australia as housing turns down, we still don’t see a recession (albeit it’s a risk).
March 12th 2019
Dividends provide a great contribution to returns, a degree of protection during bear markets and a great income flow. For investors needing income, the trick is to have a well-diversified portfolio of companies paying high sustainable dividends.
March 1st 2019
Housing market slump, whispers of recession, possible cash rate decreases… But what is the actual likelihood of recession? Unlikely, Economist Dr Shane Oliver shares five reasons why.
February 6th 2019
How far have home prices fallen? What is driving the falls? What will be the impact of tax changes? How far will home prices fall? Will home prices crash? Have home prices fallen before? What will be the impact on the economy and the banks? What will it mean for interest rates? Is the house price downturn good or bad? What does it mean for investors?
February 1st 2019
In 2018 global growth was good, profits were up, inflation was benign and monetary conditions were relatively easy. It should have been good for markets. Despite continued volatility, 2019 is likely to be better for diversified investors than 2018 was. A recession is unlikely and so too is a long and deep bear market in shares. Dr Shane Oliver was again motivated to provide a summary of key insights and views on the investment outlook in simple point form. In other words, a list of lists.
January 17th 2019
2018 was a pretty rough year for investors. Australian stocks ended the year 6.9% lower, their worst calendar year since 2011. It’s too early to say whether or not the Santa Rally we experienced represents a bottoming in markets. But as we begin the New Year, it’s probably a good time to review why I think that the current sell-off is still likely to be part of a ‘’gummy’’ bear market (like 2011), rather than a “deep grizzly” bear market like the one we saw during the global financial crisis (GFC). What should investors do? What are the opportunities for the prepared?
January 15th 2019
The Fed has raised fund rates another 0.25%, targeting a range of 2.25-2.5%. While this activity was anticipated by markets, the Fed was a little harsher than expected, resulting in a sell-off of shares. What is the reasoning behind the rate increase, and what does it mean for markets and investors?
December 21st 2018
An update from Invest Blue and AMP regarding market volatility and corrections in December 2018.
December 18th 2018