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Market Updates

What is a trade war? What happened to the US/China trade talks? What will be the economic impact? What does it all mean for Australia?
May 17th 2019
In Australia, uncertainty around the impact of various tax increases if there is a change of Government in the upcoming Federal election could cause short-term nervousness for the Australian share market.
Of course, long term investors should look through all this.
May 7th 2019
Surprisingly weak Australian inflation has led to expectations the Reserve Bank will soon cut rates. But what’s driving low inflation? Is it really that bad? Why not just lower the inflation target? Will rate cuts help? And what does it mean for investors?
May 2nd 2019
The combination of improving growth, okay valuations and still relatively easy monetary policy globally should see this year as a good one for shares, notwithstanding the risk of a short-term correction or pull back in markets - both globally and also in Australia.
April 26th 2019
The now wider left-right divide in Australian politics suggests greater uncertainty going into this election potentially affecting all asset Australian classes. But the bigger concern is the dwindling prospects for productivity-enhancing reform, which could be an ongoing dampener on growth in living standards.
April 15th 2019
It looks on track for the first thanks to a revenue windfall, this has provided room for fiscal stimulus and of course, time will tell whether it makes a difference in the May election.
April 3rd 2019
Given the tendency for the young to start off on the left, it’s no surprise to see younger generations favour a bigger role for government in what The Economist magazine has dubbed “millennial socialism”.
March 15th 2019
Dr. Shane Oliver looks at the outlook for the Australian economy following another quarter of very weak growth and what it means for investors and whether Australia’s luck has run out with housing turning down (and less economic reform in recent times)? While we see a constrained period for Australia as housing turns down, we still don’t see a recession (albeit it’s a risk).
March 12th 2019
Dividends provide a great contribution to returns, a degree of protection during bear markets and a great income flow. For investors needing income, the trick is to have a well-diversified portfolio of companies paying high sustainable dividends.
March 1st 2019