3 of the hottest travel destinations for 2017

March 24th 2017 | Categories: Retirement |

Beautiful sunset in Amboseli National park

Caught the travel bug? It’s pretty easy to do. Most of us spend the first two months of the year back in the office idly browsing SkyScanner, looking for the cheapest flights to anywhere but here. Others are simply looking to enjoy their retirement with some well-earned travel.

Where are you headed next?Where are you headed next?

In fact, Roy Morgan data shows that 11 per cent of us have an overseas holiday locked in place already. For those of you who don’t know where you’re going yet, we’ve put together a few ideas for your dream diary.

Bordeaux, France

Recently crowned number one on Lonely Planet’s top cities to visit in 2017, Bordeaux has a lot going for it. New high-speed trains mean getting from there to anywhere in Europe is easy, while its wine culture is quickly rising to prominence.

You’ll always have Paris, but for France’s latest rising star, you might want to treat yourself to a little bit of Bordeaux.

Choquequirao, Peru

It might take a while to get your tongue around saying it out loud, but you should be writing this name down in your travel books. Think of it as the lesser-known twin of Machu Picchu, an Inca city that has previously been nigh-inaccessible – unless you march through the mountains for days on end.

In 2017, those barriers to access are coming down, as Lonely Planet reports a new gondola system is being built nearby. It means anyone, young or old, can head to South America and enjoy one of the world’s newest (and yet, oldest) tourist destinations. Situated just a few hours drive west of Cusco, it’s a trip to remember with impeccable views for, quite literally, kilometres on end.

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Perak, Malaysia

For a combination of new and old, rustic and modern, Pelak could be your place to go. Situated in north-west Malaysia, it’s barely a hop, skip and jump from your nearest local airport. There you’ll find a welcoming blend of high-end Hong Kong influence and worn-down cafes and restaurants with enough culinary delights to satisfy you for the rest of the year.

You’re never far from the wildlife either, with both jungle and coast a quick trip away. You’ll be able to get the full spectrum of holiday under your belt in a matter of days!

Making goals is one thing – getting there is another entirely. If you have your eye set on an overseas holiday this year, talk to us about how you can achieve it. And if your goals are a little less lofty, don’t worry – Lonely Planet called South Australia the fifth best destination of 2017, so there’s always that!


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