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I understand why these questions come up. Why pay for something you can do yourself? All it takes is a bit of time, effort, and research, right?

Well, it’s not that straightforward. In fact, I often liken it to building a house. Sure, some of us could learn the necessary skills to build a home (I can hear my building mates laughing at me as I write this). Personally, though, I’m thinking of how daunting that would be and I question whether such a huge undertaking would be worthwhile, just to save money.

Besides, I know I’m lacking the necessary drive to do a worthy job. I’ve no desire to learn those skills essential to getting it right. I’d rather stick to what I’m best at and leave it to the professionals.

And so, back to those conversations querying the point of paying for financial expertise, wouldn’t you rather put your trust in people who know their specific field inside and out? Going your own way may certainly achieve reasonable results but if you had to put money on who might achieve a better outcome – be it home building, financial planning or riding a monocycle blindfolded, surely, we all agree that the experts will come up trumps? After all, they have a unique skill set and all the learning behind them already.


Having a mentor

The other key component in having a financial adviser is that they also act as a mentor and coach. They’ll help you work out what matters most and determine the best strategies for you to achieve your personal goals. The right adviser will walk with you, every step of the way, on the journey to the ultimate finish line: you, living your best possible life. Together, you’ll chart a course towards financial security.


Questions asked

Initial discussions often raise questions such as, how much money is needed to put children through school and university? How can the mortgage be reduced whilst still ensuring there’s money left for holidays? Perhaps you have your heart set on a dream car, caravan or boat or you’re needing to discuss insurance cover to protect your family. Then there’s the big question, when can I stop work and how much wealth will I need to build to still live comfortably once I do finish up work?

We work out all of these things.


Clear objectives

We’ll look at the best strategies for achieving your key goals.

We’ll help you set clear objectives. Having clear objectives in imperative. Otherwise, it’s a but like a ship heading off from port without any coordinates or maps. You’ll be going in circles. We’ll help you plan and keep on track with the view of eventually, sailing off into the sunset.

Financial strategies can be as simple as finding the most competitive interest rates for your home loan or looking into salary sacrifice. More complex strategies may include establishing family trusts for investments or creating self-managed super funds.

Building wealth is often on people’s minds and talks often include strategies around putting extra money into their super fund, starting a share portfolio, or buying an investment property.


Are you ready to get serious about your goals and dreams? Try our free Goal Setting Tools.


The right Adviser

Good advisers will educate their clients and present them with different options so that informed decisions are made. Selecting strategies that sit well with you is paramount to success.

Keep in mind that your advisers should be communicative and trustworthy. They should be someone you feel comfortable with and with whom you can bounce ideas off. You’re a team, remember.

Once a plan is in place, your adviser will help you stay on track with regular meetings and reviews to help achieve your goals. These progress meetings tend to be annual or half-yearly.


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The next step

If you’re interested in speaking with someone who can act as a mentor and maximize your chance of success, please get in touch. Of course, you’re more than welcome to pick up the tools and start building your own home but come with us and we’ll upgrade it from a cottage to something much grander…

The first meeting is complimentary and is simply about getting to know one another. It’s also where your path to financial freedom begins.


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