Beat the winter blues at 3 top mid-year travel destinations

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Beat the winter blues with a mid-year holiday.

Getting away means different things to different people. There are those who loathe it, and those who live for it! Are you a ‘travel bug’?

If you are an adventurous soul you likely put travel at the top of your wish list each year. But have you actually got a plan for your next hit? Knowing that these trips are important to you is the first part. From there it is easy to set some goals and start planning. And with Melbourne experiencing its coolest start to the season since 1982 this year, reports the Bureau of Meteorology, and much of the country is feeling the cold;  it’s times like this when we start to dream of our next escape.  It might just be worth taking a well-deserved break and travelling with those you care about most.

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Here are three of the top mid-year travel destinations to inspire your next escape.

1. Bali

Your holiday doesn’t need months of planning – a quick stop over to Bali can melt away your winter worries with minimal preparation.

Bali itself is an island and province of Indonesia, with a tropical climate and year-round warmth. Lows of only 22 degrees Celsius mean you’ll enjoy balmy weather, vibrant culture and luxury relaxation. Time your trip around August and you can avoid the majority of the tropical rain – though even in the rain Bali remains pleasantly warm.



This island getaway is the perfect holiday spot for young couples, with or without children, as it’s relatively close and quite affordable. The province is welcoming to couples and children  – however displays of affection from any people are generally disapproved.

Book a boutique hotel room on the beaches of Nusa Lembongan and spend your days surfing, diving or feasting on local seafood. Complete your holiday with day trips to Central Bali, where you can get amongst rich spiritual culture, fine vegan fare or indulgent massages.

2. Norway

When an immediate holiday isn’t an option, why not think about the future? Start planning for an overseas excursion next winter – perhaps to Norway.

While a Scandinavian winter can be quite gruelling, the Nordic people are enjoying a pleasant and productive summer during the months of June through August. A hot sun and next to no humidity mean Norway is the perfect place to soak in some rays, play in the waters along one of the world’s longest coastlines or get your blood pumping again with outdoor treks, hikes and cycling.


For retirees or older families, Norway is the perfect escape. Not only are there plenty of outdoor activities to keep you healthy in your later years, you can enjoy a wealth of barbecued seafood and freshly foraged summer berries, the Nordic summer tradition of “utepils” (“outdoor beer”), and unparalleled examples of nature at its most imposing.

Culture and history are abound on a Norwegian river cruise, which will carry you between vibrant fishing towns, towering mountains, deep coastal fjords and – north of the Arctic Circle – a bright sun at 12 a.m.

While Norway is extremely family friendly, there are vast distances between towns, so kids might prefer a smaller, more action-packed adventure.

3. Queenstown, New Zealand

Who says winter has to be blue? New Zealand is just over the ditch and perfect for embracing the cold. To get the most out of a stay, it pays to book well in advance as both winter and summer in Queenstown can be particularly busy.

The best thing about Queenstown is that there truly is something for everyone. Active people can test their limits with high-adrenaline river jet rides, luge races or skiing, while anyone can enjoy New Zealand’s best wines, natural hot springs and luxury accommodation.


Like Bali, Queenstown is nearby, so if you’re lucky enough to find last minute accommodation it’s perfect for a quick visit. Although there’s plenty to do, you don’t have to stay for long. Make an extended weekend out of it – dedicate one day to hitting the slopes and another to unwinding after breaking a sweat on the mountains.

Though it’s close, Queenstown is a tourist destination like no other. That means experiences are incomparable, but prices are high.

Financial planning for a holiday isn’t always easy, but a solid budget and savings plan can help you get the most out of your retreat. Regular escapes don’t have to break the bank and with the right financial planning, you can achieve that perfect work-life balance with plenty of holiday time for you and your family.

For help planning finances and beating the winter blues, get in touch with Invest Blue today.

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