65 countries and counting

May 10th 2016

Antarctic Sunrise

In 2007, when Jenny Abraham first met with Invest Blue, one of her key goals was to set herself up for early retirement at the age of 60.

At the time, Jenny was in her late 40’s and working as a special educator. Thanks to Invest Blue, Jenny not only achieved this important milestone but did so two years earlier than anticipated, leaving her free to indulge in her great passion, travel.

For some years, Jenny also had a target of travelling to 60 countries by the age of 60. This year, the tally will hit 70!

I’m sure her many students over 37 years of teaching would agree that Jenny deserves an A+ for effort! She sure is one to get things done. Jenny worked as a teacher and special educator, spending close to 15 years in early childhood and school age deaf education. She describes her work as ‘astounding’, referring to it also as highly rewarding. However, when the end of 2015 school year came around, the timing felt right to step away from her career. One of the elements she has most loved after so many years of full-time teaching is being able to travel when she wishes throughout the year and not being limited to school holiday travel. Although based in Sydney, Jenny has been a client of the Armidale Invest Blue office for many years – initially under the guidance of Managing Director, David Stephen and in more recent years, Robert Pollard. Jenny’s banking brother made the introduction to the group at a time Jenny was seeking some structure in her finances. She had worked hard and managed to pay off her mortgage in just nine years and was debt free. In addition to setting up early retirement, she also wanted a tax effective way of handling her money.

Jenny - double photo blog

Jenny has always been astute with her finances. That astuteness is also one of the characteristics she most admires about both David and Robert. They have also always impressed her with their knowledge. Jenny believes their guidance helped her reach retirement sooner and says:

Having a financial planner, getting structures in place and having my money looked at and looked after, has given me the opportunity to retire in a way that I’m comfortable. I know that I’m going to be ok and that moving forward, my money will be looked after.

And speaking of moving forward, she certainly has some plans! Her financial goals from here involve travel, travel and more travel. Jenny loves to experience different cultures and explore places off the tourist map with not a McDonald’s in sight! Antarctica has been her most loved destination so far and this year will feature a five week trip to Southern Africa including countries such as Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho. She’s trekked in Nepal, done the Trans Siberian Railway journey and visited Ethiopia, Bhutan and Borneo to name just a few fascinating places in her travels. Jenny finds it wonderful ‘seeing how the other half live out there in the world.’ Jenny travels safe in the knowledge that her finances are in good order, that her money is secure and she’s in trusted hands too. She says:

I know that I’ve been given the right professional advice to keep my finances in order. Invest Blue have given me the guidance to make my money work better.”

With the helpful and steady hand of Invest Blue to guide her, Jenny has already achieved so much and no doubt, there are many more adventures yet to come. As they say in Africa, ‘go well’ Jenny in your travels to those wild and wonderful places….  

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