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A Natural Fit

Bernadene grew up in the New England region and saw great potential for a business in Nundle. The picturesque village may have only 280 residents but is a popular spot for tourism, particularly the ‘grey nomads’ (retirees travelling independently within Australia).

The former gold mining settlement is about 50km east of Tamworth and is known for its charm and history. At 58, Bernadene was seeking a new challenge in her life and had plenty of energy to put into a small business. So when she was refused a loan based on her age and being single she was shocked. It was incredibly disheartening to be turned down by her bank of four decades. Needless to say, she closed her accounts down in record time! Bernadene felt daunted and was looking down the barrel of financial uncertainty when, albeit without a cape or horse, Steve Sewell came to her rescue.

Bernadene’s been with Invest Blue for over 20 years and has a strong rapport with Steve.

He has supported her in many ways over the years such as when she was widowed in 2002. At the time she was left financially vulnerable with three children and three step-children to continue to nurture as they became independent and developed careers. She enthusiastically describes the ‘light-bulb moment’ that Steve suggested looking at the loan from a completely different angle to the banks. As a result, he was able to tailor a loan specifically to suit Bernadene’s needs. The approval of the loan created a great fire in her belly to surge ahead with plans and Nundle Natural Skin Solutions was launched in November 2015. The business sells all natural skin products and uses age old recipes passed down though the generations of Peter’s Hungarian family.

I don’t believe I would ever have been approved were it not for Steve looking at my situation in a different light. Steve has always introduced me to ideas that I wouldn’t have considered. He listens, he is very approachable and he has a proven track record.

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Bernadene and Peter are delighted that the business is off to such a wonderful start and have lots of exciting plans ahead including exporting their products to new markets later in the year and further property investments to develop additional business opportunities. They are happily settling into life in their small community too. In addition to the items available in store, Nundle Natural has an important online component and the couple also sell their products to wholesale outlets in Armidale, Uralla and Tamworth.

And what else is on the horizon for the founders of Nundle Natural Skin Solutions? The building Bernadene and Peter purchased is heritage listed and there are hopes that the local regional council will support a restoration project of the building. The couple would also love to make a trip to Hungary where Peter still has family connections. No doubt they’ll dabble in some product research while they’re there too.

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Steve has guided Bernadene for many years now and his savvy approach was fundamental in securing the loan for the business. As Bernadene’s long-term trusted financial advisor, he will continue to be there for advice and guidance as the business grows and diversifies. And while it may still be early days, the future is looking bright for the Nundle based couple. And so it seems that just like their wonderful in store products, the fit with Bernadene and Invest Blue is completely natural too.

For more information, go to http://nundlenaturalskin.com.au/

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