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Aaron stands protected on the sideline

Physiotherapist and avid rugby player Aaron Hardaker was very aware that injury was a real risk in the contact sport of rugby union.

Aaron_web2What he didn’t expect was that he would end up watching from the sideline of his favourite sports and his business due to a major injury sustained not on the rugby field, but in a social game of OzTag.

When Aaron sustained a major knee injury playing a social game of OzTag the result was two knee reconstruction operations and sixteen weeks of zero weight bearing on the affected leg. This meant Aaron could not work as a physiotherapist for this time.  Sixteen weeks out of practicing in his physiotherapy business could have been debilitating for the business and Aaron’s financial situation.

However, Aaron did not have to worry about the negative financial impact of the injury. He had an income protection policy in place as part of his financial plan and was able to receive a lump sum payment of 75% of his income until he was able to return to work as a physiotherapist.

Brendan Biddle andAaron_web3 the team at Invest Blue managed the claim process for Aaron and worked with AMP to ensure the claim process was as seamless as possible.

For Aaron, the income protection cover took away the worry and stress associated with the financial challenges of not working and meant he could focus on his physical recovery.  Whilst Aaron’s income protection cover paid him a lump sum payment for his recovery period, he was still able to receive profits from his business – despite not being able to physically work as a physiotherapist.  Although Aaron was unable to work as a physiotherapist in the business he was able to manage the business at an operational level.

Aaron’s business continued to operate with his existing staff and after sixteen weeks Aaron has returned to work as a physiotherapist with very little disruption having been placed on his business due to his absence from physiotherapy.

“I wouldn’t have had the foresight to have comprehensive income protection insurance had it not been for seeing Brendan from Invest Blue. The income protection cover added a lot of security because it took away the worry and stress of not being able to work. I knew that I could still pay the mortgage and that the lifestyle that we were accustomed to was protected. It actually gave me the opportunity to invest my time in the high level management of my business and look at what we do well and what we don’t do well. As much as it has been frustrating having this time off, the stress has been minimised because of the thorough financial plan.”

Aaron Hardaker


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