An Unexpected Gift

January 28th 2022

When *Kim’s dear father passed away almost three years ago, he left, what she describes as, ‘the best inheritance’, all without leaving her a single cent.

 “I went with my mother to help sort out his estate, and it emerged that my father – an Anglican Church Minister as poor as a church mouse – had left my mother a significant nest egg.”


Enough, according to Invest Blue’s Theo Holland, for her to live until she was 102.

For Kim, who had endured a significant financial loss through a divorce two years prior, it was a light bulb moment.

“I thought, I want that, and from my first meeting with Theo, the experience has been nothing short of life-changing.”


The owner of her own business, the spoils of Kim’s business success – a beautiful home, travel and a lifestyle many would envy – were lost.

“I worked so hard for a very long time only to be left with very little. I had lost my home; my confidence and I was ashamed of my divorce. I was left in a very vulnerable position mentally and very precarious position financially,” Kim confides.


At rock bottom emotionally, and stretched mentally, she smiles that her visit to Theo’s office was, perhaps her father’s parting gift, a gift from heaven.

Initially organising her super and shares, Kim admits she never envisaged how a financial advisor could ‘literally change my life’.

“Thanks to Theo I’ve had portfolio growth, which remains on a strong trajectory, and my future seems very bright.”

Kim client story


She is currently renovating her townhouse, which she plans to sell, and upgrade to the Northern Beaches.

Timed perfectly with international borders re-opening, Kim is once again financially set to travel, and her business is thriving.

Clearly thrilled, and with her enthusiasm infectious, Kim beams that ‘she’s finally got her mojo back’.


And there’s no mistaking her quintessential affection for Theo.


“He’s just my cup of tea, we’re both English, so of course I can relate to his charming English ways,” she laughs, “and when it comes to finance, he speaks to me in a language I can understand.”

 “I’ve been a career girl all my life, but finance is not something I’ve ever understood. I’m a big picture thinker – give me a spreadsheet and my eyes glaze over!”

“Being in marketing, I can see through a sales pitch, but I could listen to Theo all day, he’s not ‘salesy’ at all, and is so practical helping me navigate my financial goals.”


Her advice for anyone in a similar situation – particularly women, or men, recovering from divorce – is make an appointment, and do it early.

“It’s hard for someone to move forward when you when you’re drowning in emotional baggage, and I look back and often think if it weren’t for Theo, I’d still be floundering.”

“I wish I’d known about Theo earlier.”


With one of Kim’s three daughters now married with her own child, she too is now set up with Theo, and Kim believes this is one of the greatest financial gifts she can pass on.

“I’m grateful to my dear father for having the foresight to seek Theo out in the first place and leave this legacy for future generations.”

“I’m so excited for my future. Never in a million years did I think I’d be back in a position to look at real estate, but here I am, and it feels wonderful.”


You can learn more about Estate Planning and how we can help you put the right estate plans in place, here.  


*note this client has chosen to have their name changed to protect their identity


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