Caring Hands

May 10th 2016

Heard of zebras on the safari

Brisbane-based Sonia Guernieri has spent over thirty years looking after others.

Since connecting with Invest Blue, she’s learned how to look after her own needs, too, with a growing love for worldwide wandering.

It’s about taking the first step

Sonia 1These days, Sonia has no mortgage and has paid off her investment property, too. “I am now feeling financially comfortable, so I can take more risks and dabble a bit more. In that sense, I have things in order.”

It all began in 2009, when Sonia connected with the Brisbane Invest Blue office under the guidance of financial planner Julian Prendergast. At around 40 years old, she inherited some money and was seeking assistance on how best to invest it.

Before connecting with Invest Blue, Sonia went to a planner elsewhere, but quickly recognised that it wasn’t the right fit for her. With Julian, however, there was a good connection.

“Over the past several years, a strong rapport and trusting dynamic has developed,” Sonia explains. She has a steady portfolio that works well for her, and says that she feels safe in the knowledge that Julian values her point of view. These factors are important to Sonia, who admits to being cautious and risk averse with her finances.

“Invest Blue knows my profile, and Julian respects if I am not ready to do something. He is easy to talk to and explains things in a way I understand. And I like his laugh, too.”

It’s rewarding your hard efforts

Sonia 4

Having reached stability from which she could treat herself and enjoy the perks of financial independence, Sonia could imagine only one way of rewarding herself — by wandering.

Sonia loves travelling and experiencing different cultures. She’s had adventures all over the world, including Africa, South America, the US, and the UK. She even celebrated Christmas in an Italian castle!

She is typically a scrupulous traveller who uses only the best available deals on fares. But last year, with a three-week trip to Europe on the calendar and Julian’s reassurance that she was in the financial position to do so, Sonia decided to treat herself and flew premium economy instead. She and her travel companion described it as an amazing trip, and Sonia is delighted to be able to travel more comfortably in the years ahead.

It’s possible

As a physiotherapist with a specific focus on rehabilitating clients, Sonia’s work involves a level of care and dedication that is to be admired. It also serves as a constant reminder that life doesn’t always go to plan. Her role puts her in a position to truly appreciate that life is short and to be enjoyed, with opportunities grabbed with both hands.

And Sonia plans on doing just that with her next travel plan: a 500 mile walk along Spain’s Camino de Santiago — commonly regarded as the walk of a lifetime.


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