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October 27th 2022

Janelle & Richard main

Janelle and Richard Endacott are sitting pretty. Both 61, they live on acreage in the beautiful region of Port Stephens and are spending their time in ways that bring them contentment. After more than 30 years as an anaesthetic technician, Richard retired a few years ago and loves the slower pace. Janelle works four days a week in IT in a role she finds extremely fulfilling but she is slowly transitioning to retirement. By her own admission, she just needs to find more hobbies to keep busy once retirement happens! Here, Janelle tells of her frustrations in dealing with certain financial institutions and the good fortune of connecting with Invest Blue financial planner, Danny Murch. Janelle and Richard Endacott have known each other since high school. Both born and bred in Newcastle, they’ve called nearby Port Stephens home for many years now and with their son all grown up, they have a very lucky golden retriever who gets four acres all to himself. At a time, their property was home to trotting horses that Richard bred and raced but these days, the trots have been replaced by the golf course although Janelle says Richard still talks of investing in another horse one day.

Janelle & Richard 3

Now that the Endacotts and Danny Murch are a team, Danny may have to be on board with investment decisions of the equine variety!

That ‘team’ came together after a few bumps in the road for Janelle and Richard who felt quite disillusioned with the ‘experts’ prior to becoming clients of Danny’s. ‘I knew we were in a slump. Communication and service were both lacking, and I was getting so frustrated with not being able to get a response from anyone at our previous firm looking after our finances. Meanwhile, Danny was managing Mum’s finances and as her power of attorney, I was across those funds, too. With Danny, everything was going so smoothly, and communication was excellent. I could also see that our funds were not performing as well as Mum’s.” Janelle says the decision to make the switch from their existing financial institution to Danny and Invest Blue came down to a number of different elements including a lack of service. “I didn’t have confidence in who we were with. There was a niggling doubt. I was questioning what they were doing for us, and I just didn’t feel valued as a client. Conversely, Danny was so helpful and responsive and because he’d managed Mum’s money so well, I trusted him completely. I had confidence that Danny would look after us, and I asked him if he would take us on as clients.”

The Endacott’s working relationship with Danny is terrific and communication is always quick and easy. “That’s what I like about Danny. When I have questions, he always gets back to me the same day. I can email anytime.”  

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Janelle and Richard also speak highly of the client-focused process they went through when coming on board with Invest Blue. “It was great from the outset. Danny really listened to us. He made everything very clear with a PowerPoint presentation that had different scenarios laid out for us. It was so different from other companies and meetings with ‘experts’ where we had just been talked at and bombarded with information. With Danny, we felt heard in a way we hadn’t experienced before.”

Janelle is particularly grateful to have someone on her side whom she trusts and she intends to be a long-term client.

“Having watched Mum and Dad deteriorate with dementia, I know that there can come a time when people can’t look after their own finances. I like having an expert to help us. Of course, I read everything Danny gives us and always ask a lot of questions, but I really value his professional advice.”

And when it comes to the couple’s financial position, Janelle understands that their decisions and strategies are reflective of their lives and relevant income streams.

“We know we have a really good window of opportunity here and now. We’re fit and I’m still earning, and we want to be able to travel and enjoy life. We know we won’t be spending at the same rate in our older years. We can ramp down our plans as we get older.”

Speaking of life a little further down the track, Janelle may have concerns about keeping busy as a retiree but between home renovations, PT sessions at the gym, golfing with Richard, international travel (Fiji is on the cards for 2023 with an England trip also in the pipeline), the two hockey comps she plays in and competing in the likes of the Pan Pacific Games, I think she’ll still be a busy bee…  

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