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Deeds Please

Matt and Lynda Lynch and their two children, Jacob (13) and Sara (11) are often on the go, attending local events and regularly socialising with family and friends in their home town of Armidale.

They’re community minded people too. For Matt, looking out for the community has also been an integral part of his career – he only recently retired from the NSW Police Force after 28 years of service. The Lynchs love looking to a reputable local company to guide them in their finances. They also admire how supportive Invest Blue is of events and charities within the community. The couple just wish they’d gone to the experts sooner! Now their ultimate goal is to have in hand the Title Deeds to their property.

Matt and Lynda’s association with Invest Blue dates back to 2011.

As Matt says, “We needed someone to get a big stick out and point us in the right direction.” The couple had been in a financial rut for some time and despite wanting to travel, purchase a few luxury items and plan for the future, seeking professional advice was always put on the back burner.

Matt would often cross paths with Invest Blue staff out and about in Armidale and knew the company well. In passing, he would reference his intention to set up a meeting. Invest Blue listened and Matt was introduced to Ben Warren from the Coffs Harbour office. Matt agrees the appointment was the push the family needed to get started on their new financial adventure. He describes the Invest Blue association as a ‘life-changer.’ Right from the outset, the couple knew they were in great hands with family man, Ben.

Ben has an outstanding knowledge of financial matters, backed up by the many letters after his name. His advice and guidance has been fantastic. He is a genuine person who really takes ownership in seeing his clients succeed.

Collage photos of the Lynch family

Matt says he’s still amazed by the great benefits the family have gained in the relatively short time they’ve been with Invest Blue; they’ve significantly reduced their debt, purchased a new car and enjoyed a wonderful family holiday to Fiji. Moving forward, the Lynch’s main financial focus is for the bank to hand over the Deeds to their home. There are also hopes for European and American adventures at some stage too.

When it comes to the intracacies of the money market or investment strategies specifics, Matt admits to being out of his depth but is confident in the trust he’s placed in Ben Warren and Invest Blue. He says, “Gaining trust in a company to manage your finances is a big issue for a family and Invest Blue have looked after us completely. Their product knowledge is faultless.” This level of expertise is the very reason Matt has readily referred other families and local business people Invest Blue’s way. “They’re now thanking me and enjoying the positive outcomes of sound financial advice and best of all, my reputation remains firmly intact.”

It only seems right that all good things come to this lovely ex-copper, his wonderful wife and their two children given the many years he dedicated to those of us in the wider community, all the way from Sydney to Armidale.


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