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finding their ‘forever’ home

Tim and Leonie Wrightson aren’t planning to repeat the week they had at the start of the year anytime soon. It was a week that saw them find their ‘must-have’ future home and then needing to list their existing home to facilitate the purchase.  The process of selling one home to buy the other whilst Tim worked his usual six day working week and Leonie had their two young sons at her side was certainly stressful.

A few months on, that madness is almost forgotten as they settle into their fabulous new home where they plan to be for many years to come. Tim and Leonie can’t quite believe that the brand new, “mega-mansion” (as they like to call it) is actually their own.

Wrightson-Sold-Invest Blue

SOLD! The boys were excited about their new home.

The Wrightsons are quick to acknowledge that the process would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of their trusted financial adviser, Justin Beh.

Leonie and Tim, both in their 30s, had physically and emotionally outgrown the house they were in. Leonie had lived there for many years and prior to purchasing it with Tim six years ago, it belonged to her parents. However, when sons Travis and Liam came along, the house with one bathroom and small living area no longer suited the needs of a family.

One Sunday morning when grabbing coffee locally, the couple wandered into an unfamiliar real estate to see if any listings piqued their interest. When they came across a property that ticked all the boxes, they knew they had to see it for themselves.

Leonie was sold the moment she stepped through the front door. Everything about the home felt right; it was brand new, in a quiet street with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, three living areas, a double garage and large backyard. And, best of all, it was within their budget. From the outset, Leonie could picture their family under that very roof which was why she was moved to tears as soon as she crossed the threshold.

“In my heart, I knew it was the perfect place for our children to grow up in.”

To make that happen, required acting swiftly.

Fortunately, Tim and Leonie have a tremendous relationship with their financial adviser, Justin, and knew he could help secure the just-listed home in Sydney’s north-west. In addition to having helped Tim and Leonie with their insurances and consolidating superannuation funds over the past several years, Justin played an integral part when they purchased Leonie’s parents’ home. The couple knew he had the skillset but above all, trust Justin implicitly.

To sell their existing home, the Wrightsons urgently contacted the real estate agent who had just sold their neighbour’s property. Fortunately, the agent followed up with those potential buyers who had missed out next door and advised them of his new listing. Luck was on Tim and Leonie’s side – 33 different parties viewed their home in a single inspection and the house sold within an hour!

And so began the stress of securing their ideal family home in Schofields. Leonie describes selling, buying and settling on the same day as “an absolute nightmare” but says Justin was with them at every step, calmly reassuring them and alleviating much of the stress.

“Justin made our wishes come true. If it wasn’t for him organising our finances, the paperwork, dealing with our conveyancer, getting the best prices from the banks and helping us borrow a certain amount, we wouldn’t be in this house – it’s all him.”

It’s no wonder Leonie and Tim would recommend Justin to “anyone and everyone”.

Wrightson-Moment Of Truth-Invest Blue

The moment of truth. Leonie and Tim eagerly waiting to hear about their dream home.

Leonie, a part-time childcare teacher is enjoying time with her boys more than ever, especially now everyone has more space. Being a Mum is her top priority and will remain so but she does hope to return to university in the next few years to study child psychology. Leonie has had a passion for child development for as long as she can remember.


The Wrightsons are extremely family orientated. Their one day together every Sunday is spent as a happy foursome – be it out and about at the park, a sporting event or catching a movie. Providing for the boys is also of significant importance to Tim and Leonie and with thanks to Justin, their home loan is structured so that they can buy an investment property in the future. As Leonie says, “we want to give our boys the best start in life.”

Until then, it’s all smiles for this lovely family as they proudly share their home of a few months with family and friends. They do, however, need to give any new visitors clear directions as their street isn’t yet listed on Google Maps! And whilst that can occasionally frustrate, “excellent’ online shopper, Leonie, it’s a small price to pay to live in the house of your dreams.

If you are thinking about buying your first home, buying a new home or downsizing, get in touch so we can help you to make the process as smooth as possible.

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