In his father’s footsteps

May 10th 2016

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Coffs Harbour couple, Winston & Yvonne Peden had already experienced their ‘once in a lifetime’ overseas trip to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii in 2007.

Therefore, the idea of celebrating Yvonne’s 70th birthday overseas or walking in the footsteps of Winston’s Scottish born father was something they’d discuss wistfully. When their Invest Blue financial adviser, Brendan Biddle – with whom they’ve enjoyed a great, trusting relationship with for a decade, assured them it was possible, they knew it was time to dust off the passports!

Throughout their 53 year marriage, Winston (74) and Yvonne (70) Peden have always had an adventurous spirit. Winston’s 40 years with Australia Post had the family (of 8) on the move over the years and they’re the first to admit that even in retirement, they’re not ones to sit at home and watch the grass grow. They’d prefer to be on road, catching up with friends or visiting their children and grandchildren who reside throughout New South Wales and Queensland.

The Pedens have been proud and satisfied Invest Blue clients since 2006. The relationship came about through their long-term adviser who, before retiring, wanted to ensure the Pedens were in trusted hands financially. Their adviser sought someone with integrity who was also thoughtful, caring and honest. Brendan Biddle from the Coffs Harbour office came highly recommended.

Winston says that he and Yvonne are treated like family by Brendan and the Invest Blue team.

“We get on really well. Each time we go to see them it’s a good experience, a happy experience. We talk about our families, it’s not just business. We trust them implicitly and would recommend them highly to others, without hesitation.”

And so when the possibility of a European and UK adventure was encouraged by Brendan, the Pedens were thrilled and the B&B research began!

The couple celebrated Yvonne’s 70th birthday in style with a beautiful dinner in the tower of a gorgeous Scottish castle! It was one of many highlights of an amazing nine-week trip that covered England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France, with a few days in Singapore on the way home.

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Another incredible highlight of the trip was the visit to Galashiels, the home town of Winston’s father who had migrated to Australia at the age of 16. Winston had long hoped to visit Galashiels but feared it was something that would ‘never, ever happen.’ He describes the great emotion that began to build inside him as he neared his father’s birthplace and of the wonder of walking exactly where his father had walked as a boy and young man. Winston was able to see the home where his father was born and he and Yvonne stayed in the very street where his Dad had resided before the brave move to Australia. It was an incredibly special part of an unforgettable trip.

And speaking of grand adventures, these go-getters have more in store. A trip to New Zealand is in the pipeline for October this year. Winston says, “as long as we have our health and Brendan helping us with our finances, we’ll keep going like this.”

Winston and Yvonne feel safe in the knowledge that Invest Blue has their financial interests at heart.

Yvonne says, “They take all the worry away.” Her husband concurs, “We have the security and peace of mind that we’re in expert hands and are being well looked after. Whilst I’ve dealt with money all my life in the workplace, I couldn’t do what they do. We ask questions, Brendan makes recommendations and we go through everything together. And we always have a good time.”

So whether its Aussie road trips to see the grandkids, romantic dinners in Scottish castles or glacial Kiwi peaks to explore, its happy travels all the way for Winston and Yvonne Peden.


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