Taking the Fear out of Paperwork

August 1st 2019

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If the thought of dealing with Centrelink leaves you in a cold sweat, rest assured you’re not alone.

The at-times rigorous paperwork demands of Centrelink can be overwhelming for many, as was the case for Invest Blue client Rachel Smith.

Having recently approached retirement age, the 65-year-old Central Coast resident admitted the process of transitioning from receiving the Widow’s Allowance on the Age Pension made her quite anxious.

“I’d heard so many stories about delays and difficult, time-consuming paperwork, but thanks to my Financial Planner, Theo Holland, the whole process was extremely streamlined.”

“Theo essentially walked me through each step, helping compile my paperwork, answering any questions I had and ultimately allaying any fears during the process.”

Rachel, who has been a client of Theo’s for several years, said it was his hands-on, practical support and service as a financial planner that set him apart from any others.

“In addition to the everyday financial planning support I receive, Theo is always obliging and going above and beyond when I need him. If I have questions I know I can call him and he will always be happy to talk, and if he’s out, he returns my calls promptly. It’s reassuring knowing he is always only a phone call away.”

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“He also comes to my home for meetings as he knows I don’t enjoy having to find my way around the city – this is extremely generous of him and is a huge relief to me,” Rachel smiles.

Helping Rachel navigate accessing the Age Pension, she said he was equally thoughtful.

“During the whole process he ensured I didn’t have to go back and forth with Centrelink, in fact I only went in there once, and only when Theo was confident my paperwork was all in order and had me well prepped on what was needed of me during my interview.”

“Everything was spot on, the interview was very straightforward, and I didn’t have to deal with any delays – having Theo made my job easier, and no doubt that of the Centrelink staff.”

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Despite her household financial commitments, Rachel can put part of her pension away as savings and credits Theo for ultimately setting her on a healthy financial path into retirement.

“Together we go through my personal goals which he helps facilitate, or gives me a few options, but overall the true benefit for me in using Theo is having peace of mind that I’m on the right track financially. I want to rest assured that I can deal with anything that may come up, and that I have options and choices if I need them.”

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Enjoying various crafts and her family and friends, Rachel enjoys a healthy balance of enjoyment and sensible saving.

“It’s about knowing what I can do with my money, and having Theo to help guide me is a huge relief.”

Financial Planning can take the fear out of paperwork and help you live your best possible life now and in retirement. Contact us.

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