The House with the White Picket Fence

December 1st 2016

Leaves on a front yard of white picket fence

Cory and Brittany had been house hunting for a year without any luck when the ‘Private Sale’ sign appeared outside a charming, renovated Queenslander in a great location in the heart of Gladstone. Within a few days, the young couple had arranged to see through the home. And as they stood outside together, they looked at one another and knew they’d found ‘the one’.

They are settling in beautifully to their new home, complete with its white picket fence. They love its character and what the future holds for them there. Kathy Jones from Invest Blue’s Gladstone office has been guiding them through every step of buying their home and by all accounts, has been just like a fairy godmother to them.

Cory and Brittany (aged 28 and 23 respectively) have certainly put in the hard yards work-wise over the past few years. As a Linesman, Cory spends much of his time working away and covers plenty of ground all over Central Queensland with an 11-days on, 3-days off roster. And whilst Brittany has made the recent change to more regular hours in an accounts and payroll position, she too had put long hours into her career. The couple focused on getting together a good deposit in preparation for the bold step of buying a home.

Purchasing property can be hugely stressful, let alone when it’s the first time and the listing is not through a real estate agent but direct from the vendors. Fortunately for Cory and Brittany, Kathy Jones from their local Invest Blue office (Gladstone) helped to make the process very smooth and straightforward.

Brittany and Cory with their sausage dog Armani sitting on the grass

The couple had known Kathy for some time and while they had a few consultations with other financial advisers, both Brittany and Cory knew right away that there was a great connection with Kathy. They found Kathy supportive from the outset, long before their dream home came on the market.

Brittany admits she had no idea what she was getting into as far as the local property market was concerned but that Kathy was very well-informed, patient and understanding. Brittany says,

“Kathy was so approachable and always very kind and caring too. I was able to call her anytime with my many questions and she was always willing to help. She made the whole process really, really easy. Kathy knew just what to do and did all of the talking for us – she arranged the loan and also dealt with the solicitors. She kept us informed at every step and allayed my fears when there were delays or hold-ups in the process.”

Cory is quick to agree on how amazing Kathy has been throughout the process,

“She helped us with the budgeting side of things. Part of her process was to help us break down our expenses, showing us we could afford to buy the home and how to go about it.”

It’s no wonder Cory and Brittany will contact Kathy again, ‘in a heartbeat’ for advice and would thoroughly recommend her to others too.  The couple says she made the whole experience a breeze and without her, they would have had many questions unanswered.

Having moved in a month or so ago, Cory and Brittany are enjoying every moment in their home – a home that, in time, they hope will have the patter of tiny feet along the hallway. For now, though, their ‘designer’ sausage dog, Armani, is enjoying her great new space. The fitness-loving couple have set up a home gym and in their spare time, are busy painting and gardening. The back yard definitely needs some time and attention though.  If only Kathy could sprinkle some of her fairy godmother gold dust to transform it, life would be picture perfect behind Cory and Brittany’s white picket fence…


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