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Winning has meant losing for Bernadene

For Bernadene Hunt the financial planning journey she embarked on a number of years ago has not just helped her achieve her financial goals, it has helped her achieve total well being for her finances, her fitness and her lifestyle.

When Bernadene Hunt was widowed in 2002 she was faced with reassessing her finances and her goals as a single person. Bernadene knew what was important to her – she wanted to be financially and personally fit so she could take on this new life on her own. She also wanted to make sure she was catered for well in retirement.

Steve Sewell, a Financial Adviser at Invest Blue, worked with Bernadene to help her identify her specific goals. In addition to her financial goals, Bernadene had a goal to feel personally well and fit again; specifically she wanted to lose weight. Working with Bernadene’s budget, Steve showed Bernadene how she could free up some cash flow that would enable her to get a personal trainer.

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Fast forward three and a half years and Bernadene has lost an inspiring 70kg and feels better than ever.

Through kicking this personal goal Bernadene moved towards achieving other lifestyle goals that were previously on the backburner. Prior to embarking on her journey with Invest Blue, Bernadene thought travelling would not be possible until she retired. However, feeling personally and financially fitter than ever, Bernadene has travelled extensively in the last three and half years; her passport littered with stamps from all over the world.

“When I came to see Invest Blue I wanted to not only be financially fit, but I also wanted to get personally fit and well again. This may seem outside the normal parameters of financial planning but Steve worked with me to help me achieve these goals by showing me how I could afford to do the things I wanted to do and he kept me accountable.   Steve shows me options that I hadn’t considered previously and always makes sure I completely understand all my options before I make a decision. I am happy and proud to say I have achieved many of the goals I set-out to achieve three and half years ago and continue to strive to achieve more.”

Bernadene Hunt


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