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January 27th 2017 | Categories: Financial Planning |

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img_1530As a financial planner, Reg knows that it is very important to have a long-term plan in place, but if an opportunity arises you should never be afraid to consider taking it. The real estate market in any town connected with industrial employment can be variable, so when housing prices in Gladstone dipped, she and Matt decided to seize the moment and buy.

“We had always planned on purchasing our own piece of paradise in Gladstone, we just hadn’t expected to be able to do it now” says Regina.

Regina and Matt relocated to Gladstone with their young family about three years ago, when Matt’s employer opened a new oil refinery in timg_1688he area. They both agree that making the move was daunting, but that the opportunity was too good to miss.

“If you had told me then that we would now own a home in Gladstone I would never have believed you! I think the reason we were able to do it so quickly was because we both believe in and value hard work, and had a solid understanding of our financial situation and a good plan in place.”

2017-01_reg-image-1Both Matt and Reg have very strong work ethics and understand that sometimes in order to achieve your goals and keep dreams alive, hard work and persistence is required. When Matt made the decision to change his career path and take on a traineeship with an oil refinery, he also took on a second job delivering pizzas to continue to support his family, a great reflection of Invest Blue’s #noexcuses value. “Both Matt and I believe that working hard and continually bettering yourself through study & training is really important especially when, in the long run, your family really benefits.”

For Matt and Reg, this home enables them to provide their children with security and comfort, and is a place where they can grow and create lasting memories.

“Before we started looking for houses, we created a list of what we wanted. We fell in love with this house as it had everything we wanted, with a few extra bonuses. Spending time with family and friends is really important to us; our home has the space for us to #celebratethewins with the whole fam2017-01-reg-image-2ily!”

Reg says that although the decision to buy the house means they will have to reduce the holidays and weekend getaways they had previously been able to enjoy, she says “it is definitely worth it as we now own our own piece of paradise.”

Reg & Matt worked with Invest Blue to secure their home loan. “It was really interesting to go through the process that my clients would. It made me value the team I work with even more! It is really important to me that I follow the advice I give and uphold the values that both I and the business live by. I am able to help people achieve their goals and dreams every day and feel especially lucky to be in a position to achieve my own goals.”

“The house purchase was a result of building wealth earlier (buying my first home at 25), working hard, ongoing training and studying to get ahead financially. This all enabled us to buy another house when the time was right. Buying this house gives our children a place to blossom and kick butt also! It gives us the opportunity to instill in them the values we have built and live each day.”


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