How does financial advice work? Your top asked questions

January 22nd 2021 | Categories: Should I See An Adviser |

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If you’re sitting on the fence deciding whether financial advice is the right next step for you, this article will help answer some common questions you may be asking that may help you understand if we can help you.


Is it worth seeing an Adviser?

Of course, this question comes to mind. You’re essentially deciding if paying someone money to look after your money will be of financial benefit. An Adviser can add clarity and give a non-biased opinion on your entire financial picture and pick up on things you may have overlooked, from superannuation, investment selections, your risk tolerance, insurance cover, and so on. Perhaps you’re unsure when you can retire, your partner has different financial goals, or you know you could be doing more with your money, but you simply don’t know where to start. By seeking the advice of an expert, you are not only educating yourself along the way you are also setting up the foundation to live your best possible life.

It comes down to your values, what’s important to you, and your goals.

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Is financial advice expensive?

The fees that you pay are always tailored to your situation. We use our first meeting with you to understand who you are and what you would like to achieve. From there, we determine whether or not we think we can add real value to your life. If we don’t believe the cost of providing advice to you outweighs the benefits, we will not proceed.

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Do you have to have a certain amount of money to work with an Adviser?

No. There are no minimums. We are not a firm that focuses on “high net worth” families; our ideal clients are everyday Australians. As mentioned above, when we first meet, we will understand where you are and help you clarify what you want to achieve, and if we think we can help, we will then proceed.


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Will you make me change my investments?

We won’t make you do anything! Once we know who you are and what you want, we will offer you some choices and explain those options’ impacts. It is always up to you entirely to decide what you want to do. When it comes to managing your wealth, we will take you through our custom ‘Wealth Management Philosophy Tool’ to map out your personal beliefs about investing. Learn more here. The options we then present will be relevant to your informed views.


How long does it all take?

In today’s world, providing quality financial advice does take time. You won’t just be working with your Adviser; behind the scenes, we have a trusted team of people that play a critical role in ensuring all of your advice and resulting actions are handled with strict compliance and rigour. Depending on your situation, advice can take anywhere from a couple of months to more than six months. If you have an urgent or pressing need, we may be able to accommodate; it is worth reaching out to discuss. Download our Process Guide to learn more.

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What are your credentials?

All of our Advisers are fully qualified and undergo regular training and compliance audits. We take your financial life very seriously. We also have a team of qualified Credit Advisers who can assist with lending needs.

We partner with Russell Investments who are a global leader in investment research. This gives us access to world-class investment solutions at a fraction of the normal cost.

Invest Blue regularly performs favourably in “Great Places to Work” evaluations, placing in the top 10 in Australia in 2020. Our incredible culture means that we can attract and retain the best. We have a robust internal performance framework that ensures each person meets expectations and has every opportunity to grow and develop in their chosen areas.

In 2016 we began to work with the Beddoes Institute to understand our client’s opinions and what they value about our relationship. The Beddoes Institute is an independent research company that measures our current service performance and benchmarks this against some of the leading financial advice practices in the country.

The information and constructive feedback we receive from the survey allows us to improve our relationship with our clients and prioritise projects that mean most to our clients.

The survey also provides our Advisers with the opportunity to qualify for the Most Trusted Advisers Network; an exclusive network made up of some of the best Advisers in Australia. We are proud to have had many of our Advisers reach this qualification as it reflects the strong relationships between them and their clients.


How to choose the right Adviser for you?

First, you want to do a bit of background research into the Advisers you are considering. The ASIC Financial Advisers register has details of all Financial Advisers as a start point. You should look for if the Adviser is registered, what their qualifications and memberships are, what their clients are saying and if they are being validated by bodies like Beddoes Institute.

Next, organise a consultation with an Adviser and ask questions. By asking questions in your initial consultations, you will quickly determine if an Adviser is right for you. Everyone has a unique situation, so ask the Adviser how they will go about understanding your needs and making recommendations.

Also, pay attention to the questions they are asking you. A great Adviser will test and challenge you to think seriously about what is most important to you and what you want your money to do for you.

You should also be aware of how they make you feel, the outcome of working with an Adviser should generate feelings of confidence, clarity, excitement and relief. If you don’t feel 100% supported by your Adviser, they probably aren’t right for you.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to shop around! Most financial firms and Advisers offer complimentary initial consultations, so sit down face to face with them, and ask them all the same types of questions to get a scope of where their differences are.

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So how does financial advice work?

Once you’ve decided if it’s worth seeing an Adviser to improve your financial situation, you need to determine which Adviser is right for you. Do your research, ask questions, be aware of how they make you feel, and remember – it’s okay to shop around. At Invest Blue, we use our first meeting to understand who you are and what you would like to achieve. From there, we determine whether or not we think we can add real value to your life. If we don’t believe the cost of providing advice to you outweighs the benefits, we will not proceed.


Invest Blue happily offers initial consultations, so why not have a chat with one of our Financial Advisers to see if they’re the right Adviser for you!

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