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November 29th 2022 | Categories: Financial Planning |

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With under 30 days left until Christmas, holiday savings may be front of mind right about now. We have compiled our top tips to help you save some cash this season.

Each year, there seem to be more people to buy gifts for (even the postman gets a look in). And beyond the presents, there’s food, drinks and decorations for Christmas day. It can feel overwhelming and it happens each and every year. Australians spend close to $10 billion on Christmas gifts each year, but there are ways to avoid blowing the budget. If you want to scale back on Christmas spending this year, it’s more than possible and we actually recommend it. Money might be a bit tight this year so if you follow our tips, it might make things seem a little easier. Christmas spending can be overwhelming and after all that running around, the unwrapping of gifts is over so quickly but it’s important not to lose sight of the magic that the time of year brings too

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Here are some great tips for sticking to your budget for the festive season:

Put it in context

It is easy to get carried away with festive purchases.

Make a list and check it twice

Have clear lists, be it for gifts or groceries and do your very best to stick to it. Try not to get distracted by those cleverly positioned items as you queue at the check-out.

Spend with cash

Using cash rather than charging everything to your card can keep your spending moderate.

Shop the sales!

This time of year has some great sales to take advantage of to help trim your Christmas spending.  Black Friday is the sale of the season and the best time to buy big purchases ahead of Christmas.  Our best tip is to get the Christmas shopping done ahead of the silly season.

Use cashback programs

Get amazing deals with apps like Shopback or Cash Rewards.  Shop back is a cashback reward program where it allows online shoppers to receive a small percentage of their purchases on the platform, paid for through affiliate programs by the merchant. This is a great way to put some cash back into your own pocket.

Get in early

Those who get in early and make the most of the big sales earlier in the year are very wise to do so. For those whose shopping starts in December, it’s still a case of the sooner the better. Last-minute rushing around is likely to lead to impulse buying. There’s a reason these gifts are described as ‘panic purchases’!

Avoid using credit cards..

especially if you’re going to have trouble paying the bill when it comes next month. If items are purchased using credit, try and pay more than just the minimum payment when the bill arrives as interest will compound at a higher rate.

Buy local

With a world of options at our fingertips, it is easy to forget to shop locally. Most locations have a regular market day where local providers sell their wares, and your local boutique likely carries unique gifts for your special someone. By choosing local you are supporting a neighbour and have a good chance of finding a quality piece for a good price.

Kris Kringle

Join 27% of Aussie families and opt for Kris Kringle or ‘Secret Santa’. Rather than buying numerous gifts for different family members, put names into a hat to draw from and spend an agreed amount on one person. Traditionally, it’s meant to be secret but getting good gift suggestions from your Kris Kringle recipient will also help the budget.

Lay by gifts

Lay-by often results in better money management. To make the most of this option, it’s best to get in early so that the payments are smaller regular payments over a longer period of time.

Compare prices

If you need to purchase big ticket items (i.e. white goods), do your research and source the retailers, online or in-store, prepared to beat competitors’ prices. Most retailers can do better than just ‘price match’.

Talk about spending with family

Have a discussion, especially when there are lots of kids or grandkids to buy for. Ask family members for suggestions that are practical and inexpensive. Children most appreciate a gift that brings them joy and sometimes an inexpensive item (a beach toy, dress-up costume or soccer ball) will provide hours of fun. Lego might be on the top of the child’s wish list but generally, after being built for the first time, Lego tends to be left unloved.

Be helpful

Bring a dish or two for the host/hostess on Christmas Day. Cooking and hosting others can be stressful enough without having to purchase all the food, drink and Christmas crackers too. If you’re hosting, ask family members to chip in by bringing something.

Start saving early

Once the New Year comes around, think about putting money aside each month so that Christmas 2023 does not make that sudden dent to your hip pocket. A clear budget can help you manage your cash needs throughout the year.   There is something wonderful about that special December day each and every year – be it reading those ordinary jokes and donning the paper hat from the crackers, eating too much food or trying to remember the words to those carols you learnt as a child. Best of all, Christmas is a time when families gather and people treasure those they love.   At Invest Blue we’re passionate about helping people achieve their financial dream and goals.

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