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January 22nd 2024 | Categories: Financial Planning |

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In the ever-evolving landscape of personal finance, finding a trustworthy and knowledgeable adviser is the key to unwavering support on your financial journey. At Invest Blue, we are committed to empowering our clients to live their best possible life. We aim to live up to the standard of working with ‘elated’ clients and their families as we quickly become Australia’s Trusted Home of Great Advice. The annual Beddoes Institute ‘Most Trusted Adviser’ feedback program is one way to ensure we continually improve and do our best to exceed the expectations of the individuals and families we work with. Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2023 Beddoes Survey. Overall, we had an overall response rate from our clients of 32%, which was an impressive 2483 surveys completed.  Qualifying for a Most Trusted Adviser (MTA) title is no easy process; Beddoes completes a survey with each planner’s clients, then uses extensive mathematical metrics to identify the most trusted advisers. The data produced gives each planner an ‘adviser trust score’ which will qualify them for the MTA network. There is no ability to ‘buy in’, the qualification is considered to represent the voice of their clients.  In addition to the client feedback, Beddoes also considers other variables such as years of experience, quality audits and level of qualification. You can view all requirements needed to reach the MTA distinction here.  

What we learnt from last year’s survey:

 Invest Blue are always looking for ways to positively enhance our client experience. The data provided by the Beddoes survey allows us to scope out overall customer satisfaction, understand where we are doing well and areas of opportunity and where we can be making improvements. Some initiatives we’ve employed over the past year include the release of our cornerstone quarterly newsletter to provide updates on the current market climate, performance and transparency on how clients funds are being managed. We’ve also prioritized investment into our people and client experience team to help improve our client communications. Other feedback we have taken on board is providing more service options for clients who may have low service needs but still require advice. Ultimately, this supports our journey to making financial advice more accessible.  

We are so proud to announce the full list of our Most Trusted Advisers of 2023 recipients:  

Adam Winstone  

Adam Ghanem 

Adam Penman 

Charles Gallasch 

Darren O’Neill  

Howard Rodman 

Luke Warren 

Sean Kertcher 

Taylor Mifsud 

Todd Burrows 

Tony Martin  

Jane Davis  

Anna Newell  

Danny Stojovski  

Luke Priddis 

Joshua Cameron  

Robert Pollard 

Thomas Hesse 

Andrew McCormack 

Michael Ahcroft  

Thomas Merrick  

Gregory Nuttall  

Peter Griffith  

Michael Brear  

Luke Klapsis 

Alexander Hawes 

Rebecca Mossman  

Samuel Bonello  

Shayley Suwald  

Tariq Khan 

Wayne Stevens  

Roy McLeod 

Adam Smith  

Anthony Denaro  

Anthony Lyons  

Christopher Andersen  

Christopher Ogilvie  

David French 

Jeremy Gillman-Wells 

Jonathon Bevan  

Julian Prendergast  

Lazarus Papadopoulos 

Luke Bowler 

Michael Craig 

Nicholas Grady  

Nicholas Yorston  

Ronald Ngo  

Shaun Akroyd 

Simon Ashman 

Theodore Holland  

Timothy Jones  

Trent Rose

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