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What it takes to become a Financial Adviser: the Invest Blue edition

Whether you’re seeking out financial advice or considering a career in the advice industry, you might be wondering – what exactly does it take to become a Financial Adviser?

Starting (and maintaining) a career as a Financial Adviser is no easy task. The process of obtaining licenses can be lengthy, ongoing education is required, and the advice industry can be a high-stress environment. However, as many of our Financial Advisers will attest, if you are passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams... view article
April 7th 2021

Give your finances a shake out

Like trees losing their leaves in autumn, why not take a leaf out of their book and choose this time of year to shed some of your own financial baggage.

In the style of Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising whizz who has inspired millions to clean out their cupboards, decluttering your finances can bring many benefits. While you work through all your contracts, investments and commitments, you will no doubt discover many that no longer fit your lifestyle or are simply costing you in unnecessary... view article
March 18th 2021

How to create financial independence

A guide to creating financial independence, from preparation, creating a passive income and living your dream retirement.

Financial independence may mean different things to each of you. The definition of financial independence is being able to support your lifestyle without needing to work and can be supported by income through investments or assets. For some of you however financial independence may take on its own meaning of being able to financially... view article
March 12th 2021

Ask an Adviser – Closing the gap from women & finance

In support of International Women’s Day, we interview some of our female Advisers to put a spotlight on closing the gender retirement gap and how we can empower women to take control of their finances.

Over the past several decades, women have made strides in education, the workforce and family roles. With more and more women pursuing higher education, the doors to greater work opportunities are being opened. Women are also playing a larger role in family decision-making, with many women opting to work full-time, part-time or remain at... view article
March 8th 2021

There’s more than one way to boost your retirement income

After spending your working life building retirement savings, you may be reluctant to eat into your “nest egg” too quickly. This is understandable, given that we are living longer than previous generations and may need to pay for aged care and health costs later in life.

But this cautious approach also means you may end up living more frugally than they need to. This was one of the key messages from the Government’s recent Retirement Income Review, which found most people die with the bulk of the wealth they had at retirement intact.i One of the benefits of advice is that... view article
March 4th 2021

Is an SMSF right for you?

As anyone who has joined the weekend crowd at Bunnings knows, Australians love DIY. And that same can-do spirit helps explain why 1.1 million Aussies choose to take control of their retirement savings with a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

As well as control, investment choice is a key reason for having an SMSF. As an example, these are the only type of super fund that allows you to invest in direct property, including your small business premises. Other reasons people give are dissatisfaction with their existing fund, more flexibility to manage tax and greater... view article
February 26th 2021

Maintaining a healthy mindset post holidays

Does the summer break already feel like so long ago? If that holiday glow and relaxation didn’t last as long as you wanted, you’re not alone.

New research indicates that the mental health benefits of a holiday, unfortunately, fade quicker than a tan. The study found that it takes us just three days to get back into our normal level of stress.i Fortunately, there are ways you can hold onto that holiday feeling all year round. Incorporate holiday habits Morning sleep-ins, days... view article
February 19th 2021

Mind the insurance gap – how much cover should you have?

At a time when many people have been focused on their family’s health and livelihood, having adequate life insurance has never been more important. Yet the gap between what we need and what we have, has been growing.

Life insurance is all about ensuring your family can maintain their lifestyle if you were to die or become seriously ill. Even people who do have some level of protection might discover a significant shortfall if they had to depend on their current life insurance policies. That’s because 70 per cent of Australians who have... view article
February 9th 2021

My partner is a spender – managing joint finances

Perhaps your partner is a spender while you prefer to save, they live in the now and you prefer to plan for your future, or you are both working towards separate goals and can’t meet in the middle.

It can feel like you’re losing an uphill battle, you make every effort to plan ahead or get on top of your debt and the next day your credit card is topped back up with an impulse purchase made by your other half or perhaps you’ve been saving away for a future goal like... view article
February 3rd 2021