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Retire with confidence – overcoming your retirement fears

Overcome your fears and retire with confidence

With proper planning, retirement can be the gift of some of the greatest years of your life still to come. Retirement is a lifetime in the making, it should be a time to have the confidence to do what you want when you want. After all, you're retiring from full-time work, not retiring from... view article
November 29th 2023
We're proud to announce that for the second consecutive year, Invest Blue has been crowned as one of Australia's Best Workplaces for Women in 2023.   The Best Workplaces for Women list is determined by using the Great Place to Work For All methodology and model to evaluate. The Great Place to Work trust index survey enables... view article
November 21st 2023

Aged care challenges in the home

Aging at home with government-subsidised funding is made possible through the Home Care Packages program.

However, a crackdown on what the funds can be used for and a shortage of support workers can make it challenging to understand the funding available. If you are approved for a Home Care Package you will be assessed at one of four levels. These levels acknowledge the different types of care needed. Current annual funding... view article
November 8th 2023

5 Hacks to get you into your first home faster

Are you attempting to purchase your first home? The current economic environment is proving unkind to first home buyers. Invest Blue is here to provide you with some helpful savings hacks that hopefully get you into your dream first home in no time.

For many first-time homeowners, the dream of purchasing property is slowly slipping away and becoming seemingly unattainable with talks of rising cost of living and climbing interest rates. Rest assured, with hard work and (some) sacrifice - it can be done! We’ve outlined some of our team's best advice when discussing ways to effectively save... view article
October 24th 2023

Yours, mine & ours – estate and succession planning for modern families

Navigating complex family relationships and blended families can be challenging at times and particularly when a family member dies.

A good estate plan can help to make sure your wishes are carried out when you die. An estate plan, of which a will is the first and most important part, can ensure your estate is distributed in the way you want. It can also help if you become incapacitated, particularly when it includes... view article
October 10th 2023

Who needs a testamentary trust?

The rising cost of living is grabbing all the attention right now as people struggle to pay the increasing prices. But in the meantime, our collective wealth has been growing steadily and is being transferred to the next generation at increasing rates.

  In fact, the value of inheritances as well as gifts to family and friends has doubled over the past two decades.i A 2021 Productivity Commission report found that $120 billion was passed on in 2018 and that amount is expected to grow fourfold between now and 2050. In 2018, the value of the average inheritance was $125,000... view article
September 28th 2023

Ironbark & Invest Blue Join Forces

We are excited to announce Invest Blue’s plans to merge with Ironbark Asset Management.

Ironbark was founded in 2009 and has become a recognised provider of investment solutions for retail, wholesale and institutional clients across Australia.  Ironbark has been a significant investor and partner in our business for five years. We know each other well and are both very driven to serve Australians well by providing great advice. By... view article
September 14th 2023

Should I take out insurance through my super?

While we all hope for good health, the reality is that some of us may struggle at times with sickness or injury. And that may affect your family’s financial wellbeing.

Different types of life and personal insurance serve to offer financial support in the event you cannot earn income, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones in times of adversity. Insurance products such as life insurance and total and permanent disability (TPD) cover are available through your superannuation fund or directly through an insurance company.... view article
September 11th 2023

How to boost your super with a lump sum

If you’re lucky enough to have received a windfall, perhaps an inheritance or a retrenchment payout, your first decision will be what to do with it.

Assuming you have decided against a shopping splurge, finding the best place to invest a lump sum is all about the effect on your tax bill and how soon you will need access to the funds. For those interested in investing their lump sum for a longer term, superannuation is one approach because of its... view article
August 31st 2023