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10 week money bounce back challenge

Summer can be a time when our money habits slip, perhaps Christmas or a Holiday have blown the budget. Join us in getting back in shape, financially.

READY FOR A FINANCIAL BOUNCE BACK? Saving isn’t always easy, but it is essential in reaching long term financial goals such as buying a house or preparing for retirement. Whether you went a bit silly over the festive season or are simply lacking some motivation and ready to start prioritising your financial health again, this... view article
January 24th 2020

Retirement hotspots – where to invest your money

We’ve spent our whole lives working for this moment, the day start our new era of living in the golden days of retirement, but where does one choose to retire? We’ve done the research for you and have provided our top picks, taking into consideration investment and lifestyle.

Perhaps you’ve decided on a sea change or looking for a more relaxed lifestyle by the coast. You’ve worked hard for this moment so it’s in your best interest to be in the place that makes you happiest. Was there a town that always felt like your very own piece of heaven? The kids... view article
January 23rd 2020

Bushfire Relief: Financial Support & Donating Guide

Financial support available to those affected by bushfires and how to support others in need.

As our country continues to work through the worst bush fire season on record, the number of people impacted continues to rise. We are all incredibly saddened by the tremendous loss our country has suffered and is still suffering through, so we wanted to reach out to our people, especially those in impacted. If... view article
January 21st 2020

Spotlight on Personal Loans – trends and ways to repay your loan faster

With two in five Aussie adults having taken out a personal loan, they are a popular way of paying for major purchases. Paying them off can be a challenge however, and it may be worthwhile speaking with a Financial Adviser to consolidate your debt and work out the best strategy to get back in the black faster.

 A personal loan is a form of credit provided to you by a lender, such as a bank, credit union or other financial entity such as a peer-to-peer lender. These types of loans are usually taken out to purchase a vehicle, renovate a home, consolidate debt, take a holiday, a special occasion such as... view article
January 16th 2020

Why a Money Buddy could help you achieve your 2020 savings goals.

Ever noticed it’s a lot easier to turn up to the gym if you have a friend joining you? So why not do the same for your finances? Introducing the Money Buddy! A Money Buddy could be the accountability you need to stay focused on your goals and actually achieve them.

If you’re serious about sticking to your budget and achieving your 2020 financial goals finding a reliable and trustworthy friend to act as your Money Buddy and join you on your financial journey could be the thing that makes 2020 the year you reach your goals and improve your financial health. But how do... view article
January 10th 2020

Should you live for today or save for the future? Take the angst out of everyday spending.

Are you living in the moment and spending for today? Do you have a financial plan? If you’re worried that the coffee you’re buying is not meeting your long-term needs, it might be time to update your game plan. Financial advice can help and here’s how.

Do you feel guilty when you buy a cup of coffee, thinking you could have been well on the way to making your first million if you only didn’t like caffeine so much? Does the health of your financial plan tick away in your mind? Do you struggle to find the balance between living... view article
December 19th 2019

Credit Card debt trends and comparisons

How does your credit card debt stack up? We know there have been many examples of credit card debt disasters in the past, however have we learnt our lessons? Here we explore the current trends for, and comparisons between, credit cards in Australia.

 Carrying credit card debt is not uncommon, so how does your credit burden stack up?We know that over time there have been many examples of credit card debt disasters – maxed out credit cards, living on credit, owing to significant amounts across multiple cards. There is no doubt that access to debt via credit... view article
December 12th 2019

New Debt: The Rise of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

Everyday we are becoming closer to being a cashless society, from payWave debit cards to Apple Pay Rings and Watches and now fintech Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services changing the way we spend and manage our money. What exactly is BNPL and is it a negative or positive payment system?

We’re living in a fast-growing forever evolving “new world” with the rise of eCommerce stores drastically changing the face of retail. Rapid growth in tech industries is also changing the way we live our everyday lives. It feels like every month a new device or app comes out that you suddenly couldn’t imagine living... view article
December 5th 2019

How will your expenses change in retirement?

Planning your retirement income isn't a straightforward task. It's challenging to know exactly how much you'll need for the bare basics and how much extra you'd like for travel and luxury items.

Planning your retirement income isn't a straightforward task. It's challenging to know exactly how much you'll need to have available to you for the bare basics, and it is much harder to judge how much extra you'd like to have for travel or luxury items.Part of this challenge comes down to the fact that... view article
December 3rd 2019