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Government support in retirement

As you are approaching retirement or if you are already retired, it is very common for people to be worried about how much money they will need and if they have enough saved.

The Australian Government provides support to many Australians who are retired through the Age Pension. The Pension is meant to provide a basic income to help meet the cost of living. Whether you qualify and the amount you would receive depends on several variables, mainly your age, whether you are single or a member... view article
April 18th 2019

Is it better to invest in property or shares?

What are shares and how do you invest in them? What is an investment property? What are the Pros and cons of investing in shares pros and cons of investing in shares and in property?

If you're looking to build an investment portfolio, you've likely thought about whether it's better to invest in property or shares. Asking if property or shares are a better investment is, unfortunately, an oversimplification. It's a bit like wanting to know how long a piece of string is - you need more information before you... view article
April 17th 2019

Have you had a claimable event when using your insurance?

What does a financial planner do to help with insurance? What is the chance of my needing to use insurance? Do insurers really pay claims? What should I do if the worst happens?

As advisers, part of our job is to understand your insurance needs. We do this as part of a much broader conversation about what is important about money, to you; where you are now, and what you want for your future. Wealth protection is something that can be critically important, depending on your stage... view article
April 9th 2019

How much insurance cover do I need?

Before you determine how much, there are some key variables to consider. We have a philosophy around ‘wealth protection’ that guides how we make those recommendations.

As we move through life, the amount of insurance protection, or ‘cover’ we should have, changes. A very common question we hear when working with new clients is ‘how much should I have’? And no matter if you are a new client or one we have been working with for years, we look at... view article
April 5th 2019

5 life insurance questions you’ve always wanted to ask

Find out what impact do factors have on your ability to buy life insurance.

What impact do factors like your weight, age and smoking status have on your ability to buy life insurance? Holding life insurance can be a lifelong gift to your family and provide a lot of peace-of-mind, particularly if you have debt or dependants. Life insurers take into account a number of different factors when assessing... view article
April 3rd 2019

2019’s hottest travel destination for everyone

Craving for a vacation? Discover some of the hottest destinations that are good for your budget this 2019

The last year was a big one for Australians travelling internationally. Continuing the upward trend of international returns, a massive 11.1 million Australians returned from short-term trips overseas, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The majority (57 per cent) of these trips were in the name of a well-earned holiday. International travel is more... view article
April 1st 2019

Why we are compelled to throw good money after bad – psychology of money part 3

Cost avoidance is real. We are built to want to make meaning of the past. How does that impact our decisions with money?

In Psychological terms, ‘avoidance’ is a coping mechanism we humans deploy when we are trying to avoid or escape particular thoughts or feelings. It’s a defence mechanism we attempt to save ourselves from experiencing unwanted stress. The result, however, often leads to greater anxiety, reduced confidence and worsening problems. How does this relate to... view article
March 28th 2019

Super funds – how do I pick the right one?

How much do super funds vary and what should you do about it? What does a 'balanced' investment mean? Why does it matter?

Balanced, growth and performance If you are taking the time to consider which superfund is best for you, it is more than likely you will try to compare the short, mid and long-term performance of your current fund against others to see how they have gone. You will probably assume that if you compare the... view article
March 26th 2019

Is it too late to grow my super?

Take a look at how your super balance compares to others, how much you'll need for a comfortable retirement and what you can do to maximise your financial potential.

Almost a third of Australian pre-retirees don't feel confident they'll be in a comfortable financial position by the time they retire, according to Australian Unity. If the same applies to you, you're probably wondering what can be done now to ensure your retirement is stress-free. We spoke to Invest Blue Financial Planner Chris Ogilvie about... view article
March 20th 2019