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Super funds – how do I pick the right one?

How much do super funds vary and what should you do about it? What does a 'balanced' investment mean? Why does it matter?

Balanced, growth and performance If you are taking the time to consider which superfund is best for you, it is more than likely you will try to compare the short, mid and long-term performance of your current fund against others to see how they have gone. You will probably assume that if you compare the... view article
March 26th 2019

Is it too late to grow my super?

Take a look at how your super balance compares to others, how much you'll need for a comfortable retirement and what you can do to maximise your financial potential.

Almost a third of Australian pre-retirees don't feel confident they'll be in a comfortable financial position by the time they retire, according to Australian Unity. If the same applies to you, you're probably wondering what can be done now to ensure your retirement is stress-free. We spoke to Invest Blue Financial Planner Chris Ogilvie about... view article
March 20th 2019

Avoiding the pitfalls of psychology and money

Clearly, we shouldn’t go solo when it comes to steering our financial ship. So, if we can’t go alone, what should we do?

Saving ourselves, from ourselves – preventing the psychology behind money getting in the way of our best possible lives. Understand how your decisions and actions today may affect your financial security tomorrow. Get in touch. [ninja_form id=37]   Last month we discussed the Psychology of Money. Clearly, we shouldn’t go solo when it comes to steering our financial... view article
March 18th 2019

Lending advisers vs DIY loans: Can you protect your wealth?

What is a lending adviser? Should you work with a lending adviser or DIY your loan? What are the Benefits of working with a lending adviser?

The world of lending is vast and, at times, feels confusing. With countless loan products available, it can be hard to fathom exactly what deal works out the cheapest for you - and even harder to understand which will suit you best in the long term. Whether funding a home or investment or refinancing to... view article
March 15th 2019

Maintaining Independence: Your retirement living options

What lies ahead in your retirement? How flexible would you like your living situation to be? What options are available near family? What does your family want for you? What kind of lifestyle do you want?

Knowing where and how you'll retire well in advance gives you the time you need to adjust to a new way of living and ensure your retirement will work for you. One of the biggest considerations you'll need to make is your living situation. We've already discussed live-in aged care facilities in our recent blog... view article
March 11th 2019

Should you save in or out of super?

What are the pros and cons of saving in super? What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing via superannuation? When should you save outside of your super?

From small numbers to big gains, achieving your savings goals can feel liberating, empowering and assuring. No matter the stage of life you're in now, you doubtless have considerations to make about what you're saving for and how you'll reach those goals. A large part of these decisions is where you'll put your savings to... view article
March 7th 2019

Does your future feel bigger than your past?

When you think of the future and the past, which brings you the most joy? What awaits holds more than the past. Here's how to make it a reality.

Take a moment to consider something. When you think of your past and your future, which brings you the most joy?  If you're drawn down memory lane more than the unexplored territory of what's to come, it might be time to rethink your future. At Invest Blue, we believe that it's important that your future... view article
February 25th 2019

Breaking your super down into the basics in 2019

Have you thought about what's happening with your superannuation? What do you need to know about your super? Here are some basics of the current super legislation that you should know.

In Australia, it is a legal requirement for employers to contribute to their employees super on top of their salaries. The minimum employers are required to pay is called the super guarantee (SG) and currently sits at 9.5 per cent of your ordinary time earnings. While these contributions are managed for you, what do you... view article
February 21st 2019

The Psychology of Money

We all make silly decisions with our own money. Think you are an exception?

Everyone is dumb with their own money. Trust me, it’s true. Each of us is. No matter how smart. No matter how financially adept. No matter the experience. We all make silly decisions with our own money. Think you are an exception? Have you ever been excited by an opportunity and jumped in before... view article
February 13th 2019